Indoor Water Feature

Back in the eighties, my grandparents got a new fridge. It was one that had a frost free freezer and it was pretty flash. I still remember my grandfather standing with his ear to the freezer door listening for how frequently the fan came on, that would use more power and therefore cost them more […]


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Too much of a good thing….

I have spent much of the past two weeks thinking about pressure, perceived and real, and the impact that has on me and the people that I love. I guess the thing I am finding more and more evident is how grossly under-prepared I was for the juggling act of working full-time and having a […]

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In 20 or so days I will shave my head for Worlds Greatest Shave. I am aiming to raise $2000 for the Leukaemia Foundation, I feel fairly confident I will exceed my target. So my locks are not long and flowy, I do not have amazing shampoo commercial hair. But I am a woman and […]

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are you ok to ask?

Righto so it’s been aeons since I have written, and given that I don’t get anything other than personal satisfaction and a small dose of therapy from my ramblings, I don’t feel anything other than relief. I logged on about 4 months ago but what I had to say was probably the rantings of an […]

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six years of sandwiches….

When will it end? Almost six years ago Little Boss entered our lives, in record time and not to the sound of David Bowie or Talking Heads as I had requested. Hey, I figured if I am not truly participating in the birth of my child I may as well enjoy some tunes – turned […]

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Men are from Mars…..

  Women are from….are you fucking serious? What do you mean “how do I clean the bathroom?” Yep we are definitely wired differently. Why is it that we (women), and I am generalising here so be patient or chose another page, seem to know stuff about stuff  yet men are just chillin’ and occasionally wanting […]

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the importance of listening

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity for a massive career change. I had spent a lot of years working a business that was financially very rewarding and allowed me to travel and see new things however it was hard work and very challenging so along came this new venture […]

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The party’s over…

Four weeks ago I started work. From full-time mum to full-time employee and part-time mum. The decision to return to work was purely economical…apparently you can’t pay for things with old receipts and a Medicare Card – crazy world we live in. So I was offered a job and I took it. And I feel […]

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Those pesky inbetweeners

Last week our little boss turned five…wow. It feels like only a few short months ago that I first started writing about the delights of visiting the obstetrician as an over 40 first timer and here we are five über fast years later. Many things have changed during this time and I have noticed that […]

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the luxury of choice…

As I write this post – primarily to get the words out of my head and give them to this page – I realise that I am so very lucky to have a choice. A choice to live where I would like to live, within financial means, a choice to speak some of my mind […]

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