damn you joan armatrading…

so good ol’ joan armatrading sang “show some emotion, put expression in your eyes, light up if you’re feeling happy, but if it’s sad then let those tears roll down” thank you joan. I had the first of many acupuncture treatments on saturday and, fingers crossed, I can start showing a little less emotion. I don’t want to end up like hymie from get smart but somewhere in the middle would make a refreshing change. ahhh hormones don’t you just love the highs and lows that they bring. I have been waiting for things to improve and have been pulling out all the tricks I know to bring on the happy hormones and banish the sad. heaps of exercise, good food, no alcohol – some would argue this may be the problem – and generally looking after myself. so why then do I still feel everything – and I mean really feel? I had some blood tests that reveal elevated liver enzymes which comes as no surprise to me…and would explain a lot when you look at how traditional chinese medicine practitioners look at liver disharmony. so I am under the treatment of the good dr.pete once again and if this fails I may have to take on some sensitivity training terry tate style – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17jplpjCaec –


strange days indeed…

writing posts on barrybadger.com has been an enjoyable experience for me and has provided some distraction from whatever else is going on in my world. unfortunately my world has become a whole lot busier since little boss decided to take off on all fours and I have not been able to dedicate much time to my own pursuits. things probably wouldn’t be as hectic if we didn’t have MrRooben to consider. see now that little boss has become the cathy freeman of crawling she has MrRooben locked in her sights and wherever he goes she follows…sometimes this is ok, other times not so cool. so instead of cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing, folding the laundry or even having a brew I am spending most of little boss’ waking hours following her around and running interference between her and MrRooben. yes I could put him outside or I could barricade areas of the house where he or she can go but neither of these are long-term solutions and MrRooben is part of our family so I will persevere and save all my jobs until the weekends when Mr B Badger.com is home. I guess it’s really only just hit me that I am a mum…of course I know I have been a mum since little boss was born but I am talking about the real deal when it comes to being a mum…putting the needs and wants of your child before yours. see I really just wanted one cup of yorkshire tea yesterday…just one, not too much to ask. well I made four and it wasn’t until Mr B Badger.com got home that I finally got to take a first mouthful – I didn’t finish it, she started crying and would only settle for me even though I tried to make myself invisible so she would be happy with her dad. I feel a bit ridiculous that I can’t even get basic stuff done around the house. yesterday I decided to attack the pile of laundry that has completely obscured to guest bed…I folded three towels before giving up. none of this was in the brochure. see my besty has three kids and a clean house, my cousin has three kids – all grown now – but she had such a clean house that you could walk around barefoot, unheard of at my place. anyhoo…I had planned to write more on this post but I have just noticed that the baby has disappeared from view on the baby monitor so that was a good 20min power nap….


the new awesome….

so yesterday little boss cut her first tooth. she has been operating the drool factory almost non stop for the past four months and I have been amazed at its staining power….if only I had shares in sards wonder soaker. the past few weeks have just been full of new experiences for little boss and it has been so cool just watching her try to figure stuff out. when she first figured out how to move she could only go backwards and quickly learned that in order to change direction she would need to roll around until her feet were pointing at the desired location. now she is crawling properly – and forwards – getting into a sitting position and pulling herself up on any available stationary object or human. she will play peek – a – boo behind almost anything even if it doesn’t cover her face and has figured out how to roll Mr Roobens ball across the floor to him. her language skills are improving as she learns how to use her tongue to make new sounds. so it might read like I am the parent of the only child on the planet that does these things – I hope not because I know these are all just regular things that babies do. the reason I am writing all this is because I am in awe. I can’t believe how much these small packages can learn in such a short period of time. it is staggering that only a few months ago little boss struggled to hold an object and the speed at which that went from passing an object from hand to hand to now picking up one individual dog hair off her rug and inspecting it with such concentration. I cant help but think that if we learn so quickly as babies and children why is it that it takes so long to learn new skills as we get older? I went on a skiing holiday years ago and after the mandatory lessons my besty and I hit the slopes…I did a cart-wheel and lost one of my skies, she skied all the way to the bottom but couldn’t stop and took out a fellow beginner who had spent most of my besties decent trying to get back on her feet only to be wiped out by a 30 something woman who should have opted for the whitsunday cruise. the shame of it was that while we were failing miserably – and I mean we were miserable in our failure –         over-achieving 4 year olds went flying by. we spent the rest of our seven-day lift pass in the bar.

honestly the development of babies was never really the hot topic for me…I thought all babies were about dirty nappies, crying and major lifestyle adjustments. I guess Mr B Badger.com and I never got the chance to really think about the nitty-gritty of raising a child so now we are just spending our time figuring it out as we go and I tell you it’s been pretty cool so far. yesterday I just sat and watched little boss while she picked through her toys. she considered each one before giving it some time or kicking it to the curb and she got fascinated with a hand puppet her uncles gave her for christmas. she was handling it like it was made of the finest crystal and I was having the best time watching her just explore….who would have thought??

I can totally understand why she isn’t sleeping so well and why she gets grumpy and clingy. it’s an ever-changing world and she is dealing with challenges on a more than daily basis. considering we have all been through these same early days it’s a shame even the most minute change can throw an adult into a state beyond repair. so I am going to try to be more like little boss…deal with change, learn something new everyday and laugh as often as possible…seems like a good plan to me and it is working for little boss so who am I to argue?

now if only she can learn to throw the ball for Mr Rooben she will have a dedicated friend for life…