damn you joan armatrading…

so good ol’ joan armatrading sang “show some emotion, put expression in your eyes, light up if you’re feeling happy, but if it’s sad then let those tears roll down” thank you joan. I had the first of many acupuncture treatments on saturday and, fingers crossed, I can start showing a little less emotion. I don’t want to end up like hymie from get smart but somewhere in the middle would make a refreshing change. ahhh hormones don’t you just love the highs and lows that they bring. I have been waiting for things to improve and have been pulling out all the tricks I know to bring on the happy hormones and banish the sad. heaps of exercise, good food, no alcohol – some would argue this may be the problem – and generally looking after myself. so why then do I still feel everything – and I mean really feel? I had some blood tests that reveal elevated liver enzymes which comes as no surprise to me…and would explain a lot when you look at how traditional chinese medicine practitioners look at liver disharmony. so I am under the treatment of the good dr.pete once again and if this fails I may have to take on some sensitivity training terry tate style – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17jplpjCaec –


let me know what you really think...

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