In 20 or so days I will shave my head for Worlds Greatest Shave. I am aiming to raise $2000 for the Leukaemia Foundation, I feel fairly confident I will exceed my target.

So my locks are not long and flowy, I do not have amazing shampoo commercial hair. But I am a woman and even though I carry off some fucking crazy shit like weird pink Mohawks and T-Rex earrings – let’s get one thing straight – shaving my head is some next level shit. I am not 20 years old with skin that wakes up the same way it went to sleep. I am a soon-to-be forty fucking eight year old woman who will be sans hair come March 13. And when I say sans hair I mean every day for at least 6 months. It will take at least that long for my hair to grow to any reasonable length that needs some sort of product to keep it from looking like I have had a big fright.

This is my kind of crazy. Because you know what? Today in Australia alone, 35 people were diagnosed with blood cancer and not only will they lose their hair, they may lose their life. So I will not complain about my crows feet or how my lack of hair makes my face look tired and old. Instead I will embrace my shaved head and welcome those, with clean hands, to feel how awesome it feels. I will be incredibly proud for every cent I raise that will support people in need.

I don`t want this to be a plea for donations….what I would like is for us all to look in the mirror tomorrow and see something truly awesome.  See yourself through the eyes of a child – they get kindness way better than we do.



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