Indoor Water Feature

Back in the eighties, my grandparents got a new fridge. It was one that had a frost free freezer and it was pretty flash.

I still remember my grandfather standing with his ear to the freezer door listening for how frequently the fan came on, that would use more power and therefore cost them more to run.

He was pretty focussed on the operation of the freezer, he was also retired so he had plenty of time to ponder the inner workings of the Westinghouse.

During the past six or so months (maybe longer) I have found myself doing a similar thing as I listen for the rain water dripping into the wall cavity in our bedroom. See, the shiny house we purchased last December came with a water feature in the master bedroom. During normal rain it leaks into the wall cavity and then soaks into the carpet, but during heavy down pours we get a lovely free-flowing stream from the cornice.

We had a guy come and look at it. He took off some roof sheets and made a few noises of someone who knows it’s going to be a big job. Then he stood on the roof and declared “I will definitely fix this for you, I guarantee it” so he came back on a day that was fairly unsafe for anyone to be up on a roof, let alone removing roof sheets. His drill batteries were all dead so he used our drill and he didn’t have anyone with him to help so MrBadger paid him for the privilege of being his TA. He did some stuff, put the sheets back on and said “see how that goes” We paid him the $450 and away he went. A short week later we had rain and our water feature was back. Unfortunately our man was too busy to continue the work so we left it to leak while we tried to find someone else.

The pandemic thwarted our plans cause no-one wanted to come out in case they got the Rona.

Anyhoo we have probably had more rain this year that we have had in the five years since moving east. I have spent more time with my ear pressed up against the bedroom wall than I care to admit. Listening to the steady sound of water dripping from the wall frame onto the slab is both soothing and infuriating at the same time.

So fast forward to two weeks ago…..Mr Badger tells me he’s found a guy who specialises in metal roofing and he will be here on Friday, yewwww. I have all of my fingers crossed that he will fix it and that it wont cost us a bomb.

He comes and looks, spots the issues imediately, fixes the issues and leaves with a “if it still leaks give me a call and I will come back out” he charged us a third of what the original dude did and if we got through last nights storm with no water feature we can safely say it’s fixed. Mind you it won’t stop me from pressing my ear up aginst the wall everytime the rain falls, but if he has fixed it for good I will be sending him a slab of coldies for Chrissy. The man is a legend.


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