what’s the secret???

so I don’t really like the telly very much….I feel that¬†sometimes while watching I should have a drool hanger because alot of it is that mind numbingly boring. so I listen to the radio¬†at home during the day and one of the radio stations is running a competition at the moment called the $30,000 first word. the premise of the competition is that you must know the first word of the song they play. so far today I have won $5000 of the $30K with my uncanny ability to remember song lyrics…problem is I dont know what the secret is to getting through on the phone. this is a competition that could bring me some much needed cashola and I cant figure out how to be the successful caller. and it’s so incredibly frustrating when people get the opportunity and they stuff it up like the last guy who just took a stab at the first word in The Cure song Close to Me and said it was “you” ahhhh no thats incorrect. this is what I have been reduced to in just four short weeks of parental leave I am now trying to figure out how to be caller 18 on a radio station competition – sad state of affairs at the Haus of Halford thats for sure. high time I powered up my Kindle and got a new book that isn’t about parenting, breastfeeding or giving birth…not that those topics aren’t close to my heart right now I just feel a bit like stimulating my brain a bit before I set up 94.5fm on speed dial….