do blondes have more fun….

today I took the plunge and visited the hairdresser….after what seemed like an eternity but was actually 2 1/2 hours I emerged with substantially less hair and what is left is blonde. it’s a dramatic change and caused quite the reaction from little boss who spent a good 15 minutes looking from my face to my hair to my mother and back again….poor love was a little confused and I don’t blame her…it’s definitely¬†a departure from the mousey brown I left the house with. I look forward to more shocked/mixed reactions from others. I haven’t coloured my hair since I shaved it off for the worlds greatest shave in 2011…prior to the big shave I was a serial colour changer. I would basically let the expert do whatever they want and then four hours later I would part with 50% of my weekly income for the privilege. post shave I grew to love my natural colour, which was last seen in 1986, deciding that it would be a good thing for me to give my hair and scalp a rest from the chemical exposure for a while. that was until today when I floated a couple of different options to the hair dresser and walked out with a new commitment to visit the salon every six weeks until I am over the blonde…..

I was hoping that the old blondes have more fun gig would apply immediately but maybe it takes a while to kick in cause my afternoon with little boss was not so great, not much fun going on at the haus of halford this afternoon. I just wish this tooth that is causing her a lot of grief at the moment would hurry up and break through to give her a break and help me to stop being such a miserable biartch. then we can get back the regular challenges of a 9 month old who wants what she wants and lets you know exactly how she feels when her wants aren’t met. this weeks new frustration in kenzi land is the squirty bath toys…up until this week it was a complete riot at bath time for me to squirt her with the toy and then hand it to her to chew on – happy days – now she wants control of the squirty toys and wants to squirt the water in her mouth….mmmmm yummy bath water, I don’t think so. so tonight after our sensational afternoon of fun and games we go through the same thing at bath time only now she is trying to fill up the squirty toys herself and when it doesn’t go to plan….look out neighbours the banshee is loose. times are a changing – again.


let me know what you really think...

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