buy the whole teapot not just the strainer…

my weekend kicked off on saturday – no really – with a major fail. we had forgotten to transfer the funds for our mortgage payment which was due to be withdrawn on friday…oops. so I made the transfer and called the bank to confirm when they would attempt to take the money again and due to the public holiday on the east coast it wont happen until tuesday – my bad. anyway so we were on our way to take scott’s mum to breakfast and I get a text to say that my credit card payment is overdue…awesome start to the weekend so far. what the devil is going on? have I lost all sense of the day and date ahhhh that would appear to be a yes and it’s starting to cost us money in bloody bank fees. the only thing worse than bank fees is the speed camera hidden behind a bush…yes I know if I didn’t speed it wouldn’t be an issue and if I paid my bills on time neither would I attract unwanted bank fees but just let me get it off my chest without judgement okay….anyways so we had a lovely breakfast and before heading home I needed to get a tea strainer so we popped into a delightful homewares/gift shop. scotty found the tea pots and strainers quite quickly as he knew I would get captivated by the handbags and wallets at the front door so from the rear of the shop comes a voice urging me to come and have a look…yeah yeah I am coming but I am attracted to shiny things so it takes me a while to get back there and when I do he has spotted a smorgasbord of tea paraphernalia well done I say! so I am looking at the tea-pot which includes a strainer and is only $16 – a bargain really – but scotty thinks we are only in the market for a tea strainer so he spots a lovely silver plated number with a stand for $26 and it is nice so we get that one and off home we go. oh sure we picked up a couple of other bits and pieces including a british bulldog paperweight….why? well because we can. so back at home I boil the kettle to try out my new tea strainer and scott is watching me put tea into the tea-pot…he says why are you doing that we just bought a tea strainer? so I explain that you have to steep the tea leaves in the water before pouring the water over the strainer to which he replies – well I wish you had told me that cause we could have bought the tea-pot that had the strainer in it – it was $10 cheaper. I am still laughing at him thinking you put the leaves on the strainer and just poured the water over them when I am pouring my tea over the strainer and the lid of my tea-pot goes crashing to the ground in a million pieces…turns out, yes, we should have just bought the tea-pot because now I have a flash tea strainer and a pot with no lid…will hit up good sammy’s later today. It was also quite comical that we were discussing the potential $10 saving on a tea pot versus the tea strainer but the purchase of a british bulldog paperweight didn’t factor in…at least the tea strainer has a purpose.

the weather continues to be miserable and 110,000 houses across the metro area are still without power and Mr Rooben is desperate to go out and play but doesn’t like to get his hair wet. it’s just one in a long list of neuroses he has, the heater, the pram, the mail man, people jogging, our push bikes, jumping into the car if there is something on the seat, other dogs, his old water bowl – it made a noise when it auto filled, the rain, the wind and the sun. if it is sunny and he is out for a walk he will pull as hard as he can until he gets into a shady spot. before we put the pool in we would throw the ball to him and he would fetch it and run into the shade along the back wall to bring it back to us. so in this weather it is very hard to get him out because as soon as it starts to rain he tries to get as close to you as possible to avoid getting wet. we will just have to have ball games in between the storms. its perfect weather to be in hospital giving birth really but myffyn does not appear to be in any hurry to introduce herself to the world. fortunately I don’t have too many complaints and if she wants to wait then who am I to argue? although it would be nice if she could get a wriggle on within the next 24 hours so I can avoid another über fun internal exam tomorrow…is it a little sad that I would choose the pain of labour over the pain of an internal? probably – but at least at the end of labour you get a prize, at the end of the internal you get a box of tissues – not sure if they were for the excess lube or the tears of pain so I took the whole box.


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