where is serving suggestion when you need it…

well so far – and lets face it three weeks in is as good a measure as any – I suck at this stay at home mum gig…I do plan to improve but figuring out where to start is a little perplexing. so I have enlisted the help of my parentals – a bit naughty of me considering that yes I am “in my forties” but age is no barrier to disorganisation and I have that nailed. so the parentals have been at our place two days in a row and I now have clean floors, a repaired recliner and a new shower head. I have also had lunch for those two days as well which has been lovely….up until this point my calorie intake hasn’t been of the most high quality produce and I have found that you can only do so much with white bread and cheese, so when the parentals roll in with fresh rolls and salad and leg ham I am one happy woman. since scotty returned to work this week I need to be able to prepare food for him to take for lunch and smoko so last night we ordered pizza – please dont judge me, I did say it will improve – anyhoo I thought I would do the right thing and get a low carb pizza for scotty….which looked pretty good on the net but when it arrived was pretty mediocre and not well received so this morning it went in the bin. what I didnt realize was that my lovely husband who had cared for our tired but wide awake daughter until 1am, wanted the unattractive low carb pizza for lunch….ahhhh sorry babe you have a ham and cheese sandwich and a yogurt….alot better for you but it does leave you with the feeling like you got your mouth all ready for pizza and now find the prospect of a sarny and yogurt a bit of a let down. so this morning after the first feed of the day – kenzi not me – I set about putting the portugese chicken into the slow cooker only to find the chicken had gone off…can I get anything right at the moment? seems not…so I am determined to cook something other than grilled cheese and decide that the slow cooker can still get a run and after another feed – kenzi again – I put on a tomato and onion sausage caserole. winning…wish I liked sausages…

hope it’s fine tomorrow so kenzi and I can take a walk to the supermarket…

let me know what you really think...

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