three weeks in…

today our baby girl hit the ripe age of three weeks…and I am ever hopeful that next week when we take her to her next weigh in she has put on some more grams. it seems that everything that has gone in over the past three weeks has very quickly changed colour and come straight out the other end so I can’t see how she is meant to put on much weight if the milk doesn’t hang in there long enough for her to get any nutrients from it. I love talking about poo. inevitably a conversation will always end up in me discussing bowel movements in some way. I don’t know what it is, could be my lack of “highbrow” topics or that I didn’t find out about the 50 shades of grey phenomena til my mum told me how disturbing she found it, I just find it fun to talk about the less than savoury topic of toilet happenings. I still think farts are hilarious and when people get disgusted by farts that makes me laugh even more. the body is an amazing wonder and I am constantly impressed by what we can put our bodies through and  it will still keep on trucking – so I have the utmost respect for my body, even though I may not have treated it very respectful over the years I am still very thankful that it continues to perform well day after day. seriously though how cool are some of the noises our bodies can produce? that’s why I think farts are funny. the noise is just a fun thing to have a giggle over, sometimes a little squeak, other times a big bugle and every pump in between and all made by the pressure of you pushing air out of a muscle – yes that’s right you do it – it doesn’t just happen by itself. my grandmother, bless her, always maintained that she never “passed wind” cause it wasnt lady like. I argued that she had to because it had to come out whether she wanted to acknowledge it or not she farted like the rest of us….she was mortified that I would even imply that she would do such a thing, it was disgusting. anyhoo she actually lived with us so one day she was down at the clothes line hanging out the washing and she was letting them rip something awful – I was surprised she didn’t just bring the sheets straight back inside and fold them up it was that windy down there – me being 17 and not really understanding the whole “lady like” thing gave it to her teenage style like “busted grandma!! you do fart I just heard you letting one rip bwahahahaha” I am sure as I ran off to tell my brother she called me a little bitch under her breath and really she was right. what a terrible thing to do to a lady. but funny. we used to give her so much stick…when we moved to western australia my dad had told her that you can actually see the splash the sun makes as it sets into the ocean. so we took some chardy down to the waterfront in freo and got our fish and chips and settled in to watch “the splash” right on the vinegar stroke my dad distracted her so she missed it. ohhh she was bitterly disappointed and said “well looks like we’ll have to come down another time”. We fed her octopus and told her it was lobster legs, when the plane was cruising above the clouds and she thought we had stopped mid-air we told her we were refuelling mid-flight. she was just a delight to have around and when I think back on the time that she did live with us it was difficult – as it always is when you have someone enter your family unit unexpectedly – but it was worth it just to see how much she loved being around us even if we did play tricks on her and tell her big porky’s every other day…..


let me know what you really think...

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