cheque or savings….

neither….actually. I haven’t had a cheque book since 1995 and I have no idea why they call my bank account savings. quite clearly with a balance that ebbs and flows from one pay week to the next it should be more accurately referred to as spendings or debits. and as I sit here with my ugg boots on and a scarf wrapped around my neck I wonder how much I could get on eBay for my gas heater that I refuse to fire up due to the recent gas bill that blew my hair back. now I know that since May I have been at home during the day and usually the only thing in operation at our house during normal business hours would be the fridge and the radio – yes we leave the radio on for Mr Rooben – but since we bought K Dogg home from hospital I had taken to turning on the gas heater to take the chill out of the air. then we got the bill. now she can rely on the cilia in her nose to warm the air before it gets to her lungs because gas is, apparently, no longer the cheaper way to go. has the cost of living gone gangbusters in this country? there was a story on telly a couple of weeks back promoting this new ‘choose your own product to discount’ sticker thingy that woolworths started doing and they had two women who, armed with their stickers, went on to do their shopping to illustrate how much of a saving the stickers would represent. now this seemed a little redundant considering that the total value of the sticker sheet was $18.50 so the saving for both women would be $18.50, yeah? or am I having another one of those baby brain moments? that wasn’t what struck me from this insightful telly viewing…what I found interesting is that one woman was shopping for just her and her partner and they spent $116.50 and with the stickers only spent $98.00 okay whatever, the other woman was shopping for her and her three boys and she spent $164…now at this point I am talking back to the telly and asking a few questions like how many days a week do these women shop and what do they eat? because I can’t get out of the shops for under $250 a week and I still have to go back for fresh bread and milk. and that’s just for Mr B and I, so that doesn’t include K Dogg’s formula – yes she is on the “F” word full-time now – or Mr Roobens biscuits, but it does include nappies which from today will no longer be on the list as today marks the first day of the Modern Cloth Nappy at the Haus of Halford. I prepare to be shot with poo as is oozes out of the leg of one of these gems. don’t get me wrong these are the cats whiskers of nappies – or diapers for my American pals, which is where they came from as they are cheaper and our dollar was good. I have been trying to use them since K Dogg came home from hospital and we have had some fun times that have all ended with a change of clothes – ours and hers –  and on one occasion a deep clean of our lounge….but I can’t stand the amount of rubbish I am contributing week after week using disposables and her legs have chubbed up enough to fit in the holes. now I am not judging you if you use or used disposable nappies, for sure they are way more convenient and they probably fit better but half of our bin each week is nappies and that aint right. so today it is. and this also means I will have to give Mr B a tutorial on how to change them…mind you he has fingers the size of K Doggs arms so the changes will probably all fall my way from now on because he wont be able to manage all the little press studs…


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