halfway there…

so six months ago I started this blog asking myself the question – how hard can it be? – of course I was referring to taking 12 months out of the workforce to be a fulltime mum. I can’t believe it’s been six months…which means I only have six months to go. time has just flown by and little boss is learning new mad skills everyday now. she was playing peek a boo with Mr B Badger.com the other night and it took him a couple of times to figure out what she was doing. she is laughing and rolling and getting enjoyment from sucking her toes that sarah ferguson would be proud of. as for me I can’t believe it has taken me almost all of the past six months to just aim to go with the flow. I can always find something to stress out about and relaxing has never been a strong point for me but I am really looking forward to the next six months…we will have less money than ever due to my parental leave payments finishing in January and Mr B Badger.com working for a company that will probably end up doing its business in china someday soon but we have everything we need for a pretty cruisy summer so lets hope western australia puts on a great weather show for us over the next six months and I can return to work energised and ready to start the next chapter of barrybadger.com…as for this time in my life I asked the question how hard can it be and so far my answer is as hard as you make it. of course I have a very happy and healthy baby in little boss who only really gives me a hard time when she is going through her wonder weeks so for the most part I need to be more laid back in myself and just go with the flow. yesterday we went to the foreshore and I laid little boss on a blanket under a tree which amused her until she fell asleep…that is what I need to be doing more of, the tumbleweeds of MrRoobens hair will still be there when I get home so my aim is going to be to take us off to the foreshore for a healthy dose of negative ions once a week…


let me know what you really think...

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