this lifes lessons…

if we are sent back to learn lessons time after time until they are all learnt and we reach nirvana then this time round for me it must be patience and tolerance…these seem to be most lacking in my life. and given that I am married to a man who suffers from dyslexia it is safe to say that my passion for the written word tests my patience daily. no I am not perfect although I did get a gold star for spelling and grammar in year 1 from the entrance primary school and have probably been believing the hype since then. my current irritation is seeing ect instead of etc…so lets get it straight peeps ect is the abbreviation for electroconvulsive therapy not etcetera fairly sizable difference in meaning I would say. some would argue “well you know what I mean” yes clearly I do know what you mean but that’s not the point. those closest to me would also argue that I need to learn to put a lid on my aggression at times…see in australia, or down under – thanks men at work, you must have a permit for a firearm. it’s not in our constitution that we have the right to bear arms…we are so laid back it would be written as the right to bare arms so everyone could wear singlets to work. anyway not having a gun is probably a good thing for me cause sometimes stuff irritates me that much I feel like firing off a few rounds just to make my point. before I go on let’s get one thing straight – I am all talk – I have never been in a fight, never hit another person and the one time I caught a cab in Dallas and he had a gun strapped to the dash I was bricking it. so realistically I would never own a gun and would never want to intentionally hurt another person. I just like to say “lucky I don’t have a gun” in response to seeing stuff that insenses me. like graffiti…and I don’t mean the artsy stuff that town councils commission to make an area look “urban” I mean total dickheads that spray paint their “tag” all over the place. what’s the point kids, really…I hope karma does a number on them and when they have just forked out for a home some idiot swings by and sprays KSD all over their brand new colorbond fence so they know how irritating it is.

anyhoo I am going to have to bottle it all now that we have little boss cause I don’t want her to learn my bad behaviours…this should be fun and definitely a good way for me to get busy learning more about patience and tolerance….


let me know what you really think...

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