hello, is mrs wall there…

yes prank calling is alive and well….in a world where actually picking up the phone to speak to another person has been replaced by instant messaging, texting and email it turns out that a good old prank call is just what some people need for late night amusement. and so it was late last night just as I had managed to finally start to drift off that our home phone rang. now I know I am not the only person who thinks a late night phone call equals bad news – even though this has never happened to me, if hollywood says it happens who am I to argue – so I struggled off the floor, which is where our mattress currently resides, and went to answer the phone. the male caller says “hello, is that mrs wall?” and caught off guard I say “no” to which he replies “well is mr wall there?” which elicits my response of “are you serious” before I hung up. it was less of a question, rather more an explanation of my disappointment at having to get out of bed for such a lame prank call and my lack of quick response. while I lay back in bed I wish I had responded “yes” when asked if I was mrs wall….what would his next move have been? possibly to ask if my refrigerator was running….sad part of this prank call was the lack of sniggering in the background, indicating that perhaps my prank caller was just amusing himself and no others….poor fella maybe I should have indulged him a little further into the call. I don’t get calls like this at home as I have paid for an unlisted number ever since the night I got eleven – yes eleven – calls from different charitable organisations and wine clubs looking for donations. the last time I got a prank call was when I was working as a supervisor for macca’s and I answered the phone at one of our stores at 6am to a heavy breathing gent who told me he was “in the kitchen” to which I responded with “that’s nice” before he went on to explain to me exactly what he was doing to himself in the kitchen…I finished that call by saying “well that doesn’t sound to hygienic, but you have a nice day” seriously at 6am….


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