hi my name is….

kenzi’s mum, formally known as mika. if roles were reversed and men were the primary carers for our babies would they introduce each other with a hand shake and then introduce their offspring? or would they do as we do and just nod and smile or perhaps throw in a “hi”….I was thinking about this yesterday afternoon when I returned from our weekly session in the pool. I know the names of all the babies there but only know one of the mums who also goes to playgroup. while it’s nice to know the names of the babies it would also be nice to be able to say “hi ginger, how was your weekend?”. I guess what I am questioning right now is that loss of my own identity as it becomes all about little boss….how did she sleep?, is she walking yet?, has she tried vegemite?, how many teeth has she got? and on and on it goes which leaves me singing the lyrics from Moving Pictures, What About Me? – not the shannon noll version – so today I am off to an outdoor training session while little boss has her first trip to the crèche…see it’s still about the baby. don’t get me wrong, I am not chucking a tanty about no longer being the centre of attention it would just be nice to have a chat about other stuff…which is increasingly harder to do given that I am the director of domestic affairs and most of these “affairs” revolve around one little boss. even reporting on the events of my day seem slightly dull when Mr B Badger.com asks “how was your day”. in all honesty my days aren’t lacking in excitement or fun, however I am still trying to pack more and more into each day rather than just hanging out and living in the moment. little boss has been here for almost a year and sometimes I look at her and think “when did you get here?” it’s all been a blur of milestones and learning new things….for both of us. I am finding my new role more and more interesting as I learn to be a “mum” and get used to the new rules of engagement when navigating my way through the many things mum’s do…like baking…mum’s do that…apparently…


2 thoughts on “hi my name is….

  1. Hi Mika, it’s Sarah (Ruby’s mum from Playgroup/Swimming lessons). I signed up for your blog posts after you mentioned it at Playgroup a while back.

    I haven’t seen you and Kenzi at swimming or Playgroup for a few weeks now, so I hope everything is okay and you are both happy and healthy and are just on holidays or something 🙂

    They’re talking about dental care at next week’s Playgroup which I’m looking forward to because Ruby eats her tooth brush rather than actually brushes with it!

    I’m sure I’ll see you about town sometime soon. Take care 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for signing up to receive my posts and for asking after Kenzi and I. The last couple of weeks have been a bit up and down routine wise and this week I have family here for Kenzi’s Birthday – can’t believe she is one already! I will be at Playgroup on Monday though and will be dragging my visitors with me so little boss doesn’t miss out. Hopefully I will see you and Ruby then. Thanks again, Mika.

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