a bit of context…

so about this time last year my husband and I were giving baby making one last shot. it hadn’t been fun and most of the lust and spontaneity had gone from our sex life. we had become a couple that had sex when the saliva ferns said it was the “right time” and it was about as exciting as stacking the dishwasher. so imagine my surprise when I got two pink lines on the pregnancy test. maybe boring, lustless loving was the way to go….well it wasn’t as it turned out and on august 12 2011, three days before my big four oh, I was in hospital for a d & c to remove the embryo that did not develop past six weeks. I could have hung on for a few more weeks and hoped for it to miscarry but having been on that ride before I was not too keen on going again. anyhoo out of hospital and on the mend husband and I have a big chat and decide that it looks like we will set up a childless life with investment properties and international holidays and just get on with it. I get offered a new job with rio tinto which I accept and in a months time I am due to start work and my new career in the resources sector. I feel a bit average though and kind of queasy and short of breath on our weekend mountain bike rides…should probably visit the doctor but I put it off and just put it down to stress. a couple of weeks in to my new job and I am struggling to keep my eyes open past 1pm, maybe I have cancer. husband suggests taking a pregnancy test so I do, reluctantly because I think we both know what the result will be. I wait the required time before checking the result window then ask husband “so how do we feel about two pink lines?” we work it out and it looks like I am about ten weeks in so I call the obstetrician who asks me if I am in denial waiting so long to come in. I wait until I am fifteen weeks to tell my boss and our families just to be sure and fast forward to friday may eleventh my last day of work before taking a year off to look after our baby. this blog is about that, how an over forty workaholic is coping with not working for the man for one year. if day time tv is anything to go by its going to be an interesting time in my life…stay tuned


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