week two….or three? do i have baby brain?

ok now i cant remember what the date is or when i finished work and the hours between 0500 and 1500 seem to go so quickly its ridiculous. why doesn’t time fly like this when your at work? i think i am in week two of my parental leave which means i am struggling to remember what happened in week one…perhaps if i was more disciplined and posted on my blog on a regular basis i would know what the hell i got up to…i have a feeling it went like this…monday lunch out, tuesday in to work to pick up my stuff i couldn’t carry home on the train, wednesday out to lunch, thursday out to lunch, friday house cleaning and washing followed by…out to lunch. saturday i had a baby shower at which most of the guests assumed it would be a coffee and cake affair so much to my disappointment most people drove and we had a substantial amount of wine and champagne left over. apparently when you are pregnant people assume you will force them to live by your rules….i would rather see people enjoying themselves. anyway i got some lovely gifts and some very strange gifts but overall it was nice to catch up with everyone and that was my saturday. so much for this sitting down and relaxing caper that i was informed would be the norm.

sunday should have been a day of rest but i went house hunting with my mum while my husband and father went to the pub. i am secretly hoping that next week is more relaxed than this week but i am not sure i will be so lucky.

sleep is not my friend and i have taken to sitting upright on the couch when laying in bed becomes to uncomfortable. this means i wake up with a sore neck, but my hips are fine. i am dreading sorting out all the stuff from the shower that i just dumped on the bed in myffyn’s room. next week i will look into it…


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