now i have time, i cant get a thing done

we got married in 2008, so four years in july this year. i still havent changed my name on one of my old superannuation funds, or my address for that matter. i know i have to do it but its such a drag. its easier to change your name with the tax office and they require no proof but with your super they want certified copies of all documents. this means finding a justice of the peace cause you cant just waltz into the cop shop and ask them to verify your identiy anymore – its not their job. anyway i have put this task off for almost four years and right now i have the time to do it so i cant use the old “i’m too busy” excuse. i just cant be bothered. its not a fun task, its dead boring and i just know it has to be done but i wish i could pay someone to do it for me, like the mega rich would do. james packer wouldn’t have to rock up to kwinana council and get them to sight his documents to change his details, it would be nice if he could donate some cash to me so i could then pay someone to do it for me….anyhoo its just one job in a long list of jobs that i genuinely dislike and therefore put off until tomorrow. i do have a mother who i lie to frequently about these jobs and i know that she knows i am lying to her when i say “yeah i did that months ago” but i cant help myself. i just want her to not remind me that i am not that well organised in my personal life. at work i get paid to organise and improve the efficiency of a business and i am very good at it but i guess it’s like the builder who never finishes his own house – when you do it all day for good pay why would you want to come home and do it for nothing?

it’s week two and i am 37 weeks pregnant, i hope the babies furniture arrives soon….


let me know what you really think...

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