missing work…

so it’s week three of my leave and while there are loads of things I could be doing around the house I just can’t be bothered. I am not getting enough sleep to put in a full day of anything so yesterday I just tidied the kitchen and watched the telly. this morning I was up at about 3.30am and moved myself to the couch in the hope of getting some sleep…its like trying to sleep on a plane – in economy but with a nicer blanket. people keep telling me to relax and just do nothing which would be achievable if I was on holiday in a resort in Bali but instead I am at home bored out of my wits. tomorrow I am going for a pedicure which will be good times and I don’t think I have EVER looked forward to a pedicure more in my life – not because my feet are heinous just because it means I get to feel like a normal person. I think on thursday and friday I will kick in to gear and do some house work….it just feels very strange being home and not being sick. hopefully this baby is moving herself into position so we can get busy getting to know one another and hopefully keep me occupied. otherwise I will be barking mad by august.


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