okay I’m ready now….

I am a bit over the waiting game now and am ready to get on with it. it feels as though the time from november to may flew by, probably because I was working, and then may arrived and time has stood still. from what I have read online a lot of people use this time to fluff around in the nursery making it all amazing and awesome for their new arrival who potentially wont sleep in there for another 2 – 6 months at least. I don’t have anything to fluff around with because my nursery furniture still hasn’t arrived so that leaves me tediously wading my way through the tasks that have previously been forgotten. for an example my dining room table currently looks like I ripped off the entire section of av leads and coaxial cables from dick smith. up until this morning I was actually sorting them out into categories, lengths, appliance families and winding them all up to be placed neatly in shoeboxes – my storage option of choice for almost anything that will fit. but at 5am this morning over toast and juice I did a sanity check with my husband, who, back when I hauled the leads out of the spare wardrobe had already questioned my sanity, and decided why am I keeping them? every time you buy a new appliance you get new leads and very soon you wont even need leads cause wireless is the future. so today rather than continuing the arduous task of sorting through 15 years of accumulated cables I am going to take 15 seconds to throw them in the bin. oh this takes me back to an earlier post where I said I was good at organising in my work life because I am paid for that but utter shite at arranging my personal life. case in point the current dick smith haul on the dining table. why would I keep all this crap? if my home were a business this would not have happened. I would have donated, sold or ditched whatever wasn’t necessary as soon as the job was done and therefore would not have the clutter. I guess I should also donate the stack of clothes in the spare wardrobe that range in size from 10 to 14 – I have a bit of D.A.D thats Denim Attachment Disorder that wont allow me to get rid of jeans that I have outgrown just in case I one day get back there, but really a size 10? who am I kidding? I looked like a racing greyhound when they fit me, all ribs and hips, and to sustain that size body I was unable to imbibe in my most favourite of pastimes – wine and cheese – it was more like steamed fish or chicken and green vege every freaking day, I was living in a fun free zone. then I met my husband and the fun increased as did the numbers in the back of my jeans – and his – so once myffyn arrives we will be dusting off our trainers and getting back into exercise and watching what we eat. not that it’s been carte blanche during the past 7 or so months but we were doing quite a bit of mountain bike riding, running with the marathon club – not marathons just fun runs – and pushing some heavy things in the home gym. then my palate changed from savoury to sweeeeeeet and I couldn’t walk to the train station without having four rest stops to catch my breath so I am actually really looking forward to putting myffyn in her pram and heading out for some light training to start the ball rolling. given that I am an “older” mum I want to be around to see my child grow up and become an adult so that means taking care of myself and staying healthy and happy – an evening jog followed by steamed fish with green vege and a glass of vino should cover both the healthy and happy bases! none of this can occur until she arrives…and there is not much I can do to speed that process up. although last night my father suggested jumping up and down…i said the only thing that will do is make wee run down my leg, but thanks for helping out with the suggestion. willy wonka seems to think that she is pretty happy where she is and will probably hang out in there until week 40 when we will have to make a decision on how to proceed – oh I hope not. anytime over the next 10 days will be just fine with me and I might even get desperate and chuck on some tena lady pads and take on dads jumping up and down theory, at this point a little bit of wee is the least of my worries….


One thought on “okay I’m ready now….

  1. Wonka Meme – “tell me about how you’ve baking for months”


    Work computer, no Wonka meme. iPhone – no technical skills to make Wonka meme

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