perfect conditions for delivery…

tonite we are going to get hammered by 125km winds, rain, hail and who knows what else….so I would like to have my baby please. I am pretty certain that finally giving birth to myffyn will take my mind off the storm and potential for damage to our house. we went for a drive around yesterday to do some errands and there is wide-spread damage to fencing and powerlines…they are predicting that this storm will be worse than the big storm we had back in 2010 which saw some of the worst hail damage ever recorded in western australia yippeee skippeeee can’t wait for this one to hit. when the storm hit two years ago our area had a big umbrella over it and all we got was some light rain, tonight is when we get to experience its wrath so if we could spend the night at hospital that would be best for me.

I had the dream last night that I went into labour and that may account for the fact that rather than my usual 11pm, 1am, 3am and 5am wake up for wee trips I was up every 45 minutes…consequently I am now shattered but have to get ready to pop in to see willy wonka and have him glove up for some more awesome cervix palpation action. I do keep feeling some tightening pains in my uterus – such an awesome word really – and lower abdominal region but everything is so tightly packed in there I probably just need to do a poo – also a fun word. I don’t really have anything to go by for the early signs of labour because everyone is so different – but I am sure that once it gets going I will know. I was looking at some forums online last night to see what the recovery time is like with the different types of cuts they can make for a c section birth – vertical or horizontal – and one woman, bless her, posted “isn’t it called a c section cause they cut in the shape of a c?” nice one.


let me know what you really think...

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