seven more days…

so I am remaining positive that myffyn will come of her own accord but she needs to get a wriggle on so yesterday I decided to give her a helping hand by going on a cleaning rampage. call it nesting by force or fake it til you make it, whatever it was, I cranked up MTV and got busy to the point that I was on my hands and knees cleaning the base of the ensuite toilet and the kickboard tiles…oh what a sense of accomplishment I had at the end of the day. it is such a rewarding task cleaning something that only you knew was dirty to begin with so when scotty got home I decided to detail all the cleaning tasks I had undertaken for the day in the hope that he would try to notice how hard I had worked and all I got was “very good” so when I joked that very good didn’t really cut it when it comes to recognition he then offered up “you are a good housewife…” he is lucky I was sitting down at the time and it takes me a while to get up otherwise I would have been on him like a spider monkey. when I look back on it now why did I even bother telling him what I had done to clean the house? seriously I saw the way he lived when he was a single man living the life with his single rugby mates and it was disgraceful…there were things in the fridge that were moving of their own accord and if boys think that the way to “clean” a toilet is to drop a cube of bloo loo in the cistern then I guess these boys had it sussed. so when I think back to those good ol days I should have saved my breath because the chance of scotty noticing that the charger does not normally form part of the toothbrush is pretty slim.

my efforts to induce labour didn’t stop at cleaning, I made plans too. last night we invited my parentals to have a football dinner and watch the State of Origin game two, today I have an appointment to get waxed at the beautician and this afternoon I have committed to pick up my besty’s two eldest kids from school. these are perfect conditions for me to go into labour surely? although wonka did say to me he would see me on saturday so obviously he has plans and expects the unexpected from his night, ohhhhh I hope so.


2 thoughts on “seven more days…

  1. Hey baby, enjoying this blog so much all the way from Morisset NSW, I told Leanne that you crack me up, she told me to register so here I am, I have also told my mum (Maureen Roberts) to follow you aswell, we hope you get heaps more followers and knowing how much you don’t really like advice, sorry but here is mine…..push her out your back bum OK
    best wishes to you and Scotty darlin
    Love love Donna Coulter

    1. Hey Donna thanks for following my blog and for your feedback – that’s awesome, and getting your mum on board too I hope she gets a laugh out of it! On your piece of advice…I was reading an online forum on things they DON’T tell you but should and one lady said “you need to push like you are doing the biggest poo you have ever done, and the poo will probably come out as well!” I think you said it with less words and pictures.
      Thanks again,
      Love Mika

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