it’s the final countdown…

so begins our last week in a two human one dog household. by the end of this week the team at Haus of Halford will have increased by one and will never be the same, we are all in for a shake up. I think the last six weeks has been the longest part of this journey, I can’t count the first trimester really because I didn’t even realise I was pregnant until 10 weeks. if you just read that line and are now thinking how can a woman of her age NOT know until 10 weeks I give you two reasons why I didn’t cotton on earlier – ok three reasons but I will probably get into trouble for printing one of them. reason number one – on august 12th I had a D & C to remove a blighted ovum and after this surgery it can take up to six months for your cycle to regulate, reason number two – I didn’t have any symptoms of pregnancy until that tenth week when I went on a mountain bike ride and couldn’t make it up a small incline let alone the whole mountain, and reason number three – while scotty and I had spent the previous couple of years trying to conceive and failing miserably after the D & C we decided that enough was enough for all of it and in the following month only had sex once. yes peeps that’s right once. I hope they never ask me to participate in those sex surveys magazines do because I would have to either lie and say we are on each other like rabbits from sundown to sunrise or take the shame and say half the time we just want to go to sleep. especially after a couple of years of having sex only when the ovulation predictor said so – kind of takes the excitement out of it really. anyhoo so I know it only takes one time but really at my age the odds are stacked well against me so when I did finally take the test you could have slapped my face with a dead fish and the expression would have remained the same.

I guess the past six weeks probably would have passed with more ease if I didn’t pay as much attention to what willy wonka had to say. it was he who said that while my 40 week due date was June 19th at my age we would consider that two weeks overdue and my new due date would be 38 weeks or June 5th and he would look at inducing around that time as the risks of unexplained stillbirth in women over 40 is quite high. okay so we check off the weeks and at week 37 he says well it can happen any day now so get your bag packed and you car seat sorted. since then every visit has been a case of everything is perfect so see you next week. tomorrow is my 40 week due date and scotty and I were discussing the chances of him having a look and throwing in one more “see you next week” for good measure. I don’t think either of us will be bothered to be honest, we have hit our peak and now it’s just a waiting game for everyone else to play.

we got our nursery furniture delivered on saturday so today I can occupy my time filling up the drawers with myffyns many outfits that people have given us. so far we have bought three singlets, one Hungry Caterpillar onesie, a high chair, a bath support and a foam mat for the change table. oh and one box of newborn nappies. everything else has been gifted to us – unbelievable really, when I look at it now, and still quite overwhelming. her cot wont go up until we have painted the room and she wont sleep in the room for about six months anyway so we will probably christen that one in december but it will be good to have the drawers sorted and the change table ready for use. on the weekend I constructed the musical vibration chair thingy that was gifted to us and will provide endless comfort for both parents and child I am told. so on my first attempt without the directions – a family trait – it came together well but on closer inspection mine looked like an upright dining chair and the picture on the box showed a baby laying down….so then I consulted the instructions and realised I have put the back on the wrong way…oh yes there are the two red dots that need to line up – should have put my helmet on for this one cause I am definitely feeling a bit special by this stage. so it comes together and on the instructions it says you need one D battery and two AA batteries. i promptly forget about this until yesterday when we are at the checkout of farmer jacks and spot the batteries….I say to scott “oooo grab a pack of those D size batteries love” he says “what for?” to which I reply….”for the vibrator…” what a choice look that must have been for everyone at the checkout the heavily pregnant chick urging her man to stock up on batteries for the vibrator…while I did make an effort to explain through my laughter the damage was already done and seriously nobody would have believed that the batteries were for the “musical, vibrating chair thingy for the baby” so we just left with our bread, chocolate, yogurt and batteries for a wild night of unwrapping baby furniture and throwing the ball to Mr Rooben…..we are so rock and roll…



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