one week on…

so last time I posted here I was preparing for the following day to give birth to our daughter via caesarean section. I will post on the events of the big day and the days since in coming posts but for now I just wanted to say we are home. willy wonka and his trusty gumboot wearing sidekick – the pediatrician – declared us both fit and well to come home on tuesday which was a huge relief for me since I had begun skulking the corridors of the maternity ward looking for random people to talk to in the middle of the night. so tuesday morning we packed up the car and headed home, and we only had one or two minor carguments – that’s arguments had in the car for the uninitiated – that ended in me crying hormonal tears and my loving husband thinking he should probably just not say anything, at all, for a short period of time. he being the laid back one in this relationship was super cool about the journey home while I was a bundle of nervous energy and worried at everything….was she ok, had she stopped breathing, could he see her – it was best that he keep his eyes on the road I know but rational thought wasn’t uppermost in my mind – maybe I should sit in the back seat to make sure she is okay – scotty said don’t be ridiculous, are you going to sit in the back seat every time we go out? mmmm maybe….so my parentals had received my call earlier in the day asking them to pop down to our place and wear out Mr Rooben prior to our arrival so he wouldn’t be that bothered when we rocked up with our new family member. not bothered would be an understatement – it was three hours later when he finally realised there was a baby in the cot and he has not stopped sniffing her since. what he is good at is poo monitor. he smells it just as she deals it so not much chance of her sitting in it for too long with him around. fast forward to this afternoon when we arrived home from our first outing to the pub for lunch with my parentals – me half bent over from the surgery, my father with his arm in a cast from his surgery yesterday, what an awesome team we were. anyhoo so we get home and scotty takes lil Kenzi to change her bum since we have been out for a while and I am setting up the new toys in the kitchen when I hear the cry from the laundry – no not Kenzi, scotty – come quick he is yelling and I immediately think something dire is occurring only to rush in and find him holding our semi naked newborn aloft while wee and poo drip from her legs, onto the change mat and then onto the floor….he hadn’t put a towel down onto the mat before he started the change and once he picked her up there was nowhere to go but shout out for help. needless to say its been a learning curve for us both but I will give him his dues, he is having a go at the dad duties and while it might not all go to plan he is still pushing on – and letting me sleep, which is gold as far as I am concerned and in six months when he is asking for a new bike or some other new toy I will be hard pushed to say no…maybe he has already started angling…this morning he did mention the new iPhone that has come out mmmmm maybe….will have to see how the next couple of months play out…..


One thought on “one week on…

  1. Congratulations to you both, good luck in the coming years, daughters make great best friends, enjoy every second.
    Love Donna & co.xx

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