vent of the day…

could government websites be more difficult to use? probably. medicare are no longer providing cash refunds to people so we now have no choice but to provide our bank details for direct credit of the refund. problem is you can either fill out a form with your account details on and hand into your medicare office – not keen on that due to my distrust in their record disposal methods OR you can register online. okay I choose that one….so I have just spent 44 minutes of life I wont get back trying without success to register online. try again later it tells me….and thats after I have already been redirected twice. I have to try again later cause there is a problem with the system. so here’s my tip aussie government – get your shit together prior to launching a major change in online services. it’s the five p’s kids – prior planning prevents poor performance. oh and here’s the other thing don’t assume that everyone utilising the online service is a regular at the GP…one of the questions is what date did you last visit a general practitioner??? NFI is not an accepted response…so you know what I am throwing my tits to the wind and am going to fill in the form and lodge it at medicare because it would appear that is the easiest option and when I have a spare day or two I will attempt to “try again later”. can’t wait til I have to register for paid maternity leave, better set aside a week for that one….


One thought on “vent of the day…

  1. Woohoo the day is finally here. All the very best darlin, Love from Donna and Maureen

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