one more sleep…

tomorrow is the day we get our prize….and I think we may be a little unprepared. many of the people around us peaked quite early on with their excitement of our impending arrival so we have purposely tried to remain level-headed and low key about it all – at times this has probably come across as indifference, oh well. I have enjoyed watching people’s different reactions to the comments my husband makes about our parenting decisions and the patronising pat on the shoulder followed by the “we’ll see” comments. we have all the basics to bring our baby home to and whatever we need after that will be easy enough to get but our lack of preparation is probably more evident in the way that today we just looked at each other and shared a laugh over the fact that today is our last day as just us – and Mr Rooben of course – but just Scott and Mika. tomorrow we two will be three and in all honesty I don’t think it matters if you have your first child in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s like me you still have no freaking idea what to do – I am just hoping that my age will help me manage the unexpected a bit better than I would have 20 years ago. maybe it will, maybe it wont. scott is going to have to learn how to hold his baby cause when he has ever held any of my besty’s kids it has been hilarious to watch as he holds them at arm’s length and says shhhhhh – parenting 101. I have always gone with the hand them back to mum when they get a bit whingey…ahhhh that’s not going to work with this one. the one thing that I do know for sure is that scott and I will be providing enough golden parenting moments to keep this blog going and to ensure people are amused, hey if you can’t laugh at yourself….

since I have started thinking about having the delivery via c section I have been thinking I wonder how it must feel to be the baby. one minute she will be just hanging out in the warm environment that has been home for 283 days the next she will be pulled out and inspected under the bright lights of the operating theatre surrounded by a team of unfamiliar faces – that she can’t see anyway – before she gets wrapped up and given back to me. no wonder they cry on arrival, she will feel the same way I do if its freezing cold and someone calls me 5  minutes before my alarm is due to go off….I just want that extra 5 minutes of warmth and comfort but once your out it takes too long to get back to that place so you may as well stay up. it would be weird if you could remember being born. surely if you went deep enough into a hypnotic state you would be able to draw on the memory or at least the feeling. having been born during the 70’s and the age of the power muff I am not sure I want to remember but my brother and I would be able to compare experiences as I was born naturally and my brother caesarean – he has a big head. mmmmm something to think about….

so yesterday in perth a 62-year-old dude on a surf ski was attacked by a great white – allegedly 3m long – and it bit the back of his ski. I think if it was serious and it was 3m long it would have finished the job but what struck me as interesting on the news last night was when the gent said he didn’t want the shark to be destroyed because “…it has as much right to be there as I do” sorry but last time I checked the shark is the only one who really has the right to be there and as humans we are the tourists. for the most part they let us enjoy their playground and sometimes they get bored and hungry so they chose to eat one of us. that’s the risk we take but if every time a shark has a pot shot at a human it runs the risk of being tracked down and destroyed I have to say that shit aint right. I am sure that families of people who have been taken by sharks would disagree but really in my mind unless I am taken by a shark in my own pool I have no right to destroy an animal that is doing what it’s instincts tell it to do. if he wants to see out 63 I would suggest he take yesterdays attack as a warning and stay out of the water for a while but I reckon he is probably back out there today but every shadow will bring his pulse rate up….


One thought on “one more sleep…

  1. love it Mik, good luck for tomorrow – get a good night’s sleep tonight – make the most of it. Oh my gosh how many people have said that to you…… retract, retract, retract.

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