glass half full vs glass half empty…

so willy wonka strikes again…after nine months of hearing about all the worse case scenarios for babies, birthing and my body after it all I was looking forward to visiting wonks and seeing if he could give me some positive vibes…I now know this is not possible. wonks is a glass half empty kind of guy but he does it with a smile – more like willy wonka than I originally thought. so we start our visit with the usual chit-chat, how are you, how is the baby, how are you coping blah blah. then we move on to more interesting topics….so are you planning on having more children? no not planning on it. mmmm good idea. what method of contraception are you planning on using? well we haven’t used anything for 5 years and in that time have been pregnant three times and successful only once so ahhhh I don’t know….condoms? he wanted an answer and needed to write something in his notes. so far the visit was going well…have you had sex yet? no. well when you do you may feel a sensation like sandpaper at the opening to your vagina, it’s perfectly normal and will go away in time, it occurs in over 70% of women after giving birth and we only get complaints from women who had caesarean births, it’s caused by hormones and it might not happen but if it does you will know what it is. awesome, well that’s something to look forward to. mmmm yeah I probably do seem to give a lot of bad news stories…just a little, but I bet you’re a riot at parties…anyway so he asks me if I have anything else I want to discuss so I mention the pain in my wrists and he lights up like a christmas tree. I have something wrong yippee skippee. oh and he looks positively thrilled that he can give me some fabbo stories about failed operations resulting in complete hand paralysis and nerve damage so I need to get myself in to see an OT quick smart. we finish off our visit with him saying well you came all that way through the pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby only to have this happen – shake of the head, solemn expression. I try not to laugh in his face. seriously man I have swollen tendons or tenosynovitis if your into technical terms or mum’s thumb if you prefer your terms more cutesy. it’s really no reason to adopt “the tone” which should only be used when you are ringing in sick but really going off to the pub for lunch. being glass half full is sooooo much better. I had a great pregnancy and after hoping for a natural birth had a very cute and healthy baby girl via c section. and now I have a ridiculous amount of pain in my wrists and yes the pain did make me want to throw my heart up in the gateways carpark yesterday but today I see the OT and get a splint – hopefully in orange – and the pain will improve with time, all good. yes I am sleep deprived most days but last night kenzi doo dah slept solidly from 10pm to 3.30am so did I. boring to write about and I can’t really put an amusing spin on it – she slept well, the end. it was probably all the effort she put into doing a poo that ended in her having a bath that tuckered her out. funny how the nappy’s are absorbent but once they reach their fill it just comes out the top and in this case she was covered in poo from her left hip to her arm pit. and the stench – oh my – what have I been eating. anyhoo something has to be said for maintaining a positive outlook, quite often you will hear people bemoaning the fact that bad stuff always happens to them – yes it does and it will continue to. something amusing happened to us a few months back…we were discussing how things were going well for us financially and then I stupidly said “we’ll probably get hit with heaps of bills when I finish work…” guess what? only a couple of weeks later we were talking about how much we wished I had kept my pie hole shut as we watched the bills pile up and the account get drained. so as the bills kept coming we focussed on saying how everything was going well and we had plenty of cash and apart from anything else it felt much better to us than fixating on the negative…I have tried this technique with my lotto picks and if barrybadger goes offline you will know the outcome….


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