midnight at the oasis….

whoever said all babies do is eat, sleep and shit was on crack. my baby just did a projectile vomit that would put linda blair to shame and so far of the supposed 16-18 hours she should be sleeping she has managed just 6. since it’s now struck midnight I can’t see her getting her quota up. so here I am at 12.03am listening to the rain, the snoring from our bedroom and hoping that the tapping on the keyboard will help kenzi to drift off although it’s not looking promising.

so last night I was going to whip up a culinary delight of steak and veg but after a day of caring for awake and fairly grumpy kenzi we decided to get a pizza delivered. it was an odd decision considering that it never really tastes that great and it was already 6.30 which is way past my current feeding time which has taken on a nanna-like time schedule. anyhoo we order our pizza online and 45 minutes later the computer display tells me it has left the store so we wait….the store is only a five-minute drive from our house so yes we could have driven there and picked it up but chose to have it delivered. anyway at 7.50pm the delivery driver rocks up and says “sorry it took so long, we’re really busy”…surely being really busy would be a good thing, surely they have a well planned system in place to know that its monday and it’s raining so historically that means business. but since when did being busy become an excuse for poor service? and why is it that we still had to pay the same amount even though I had to heat my own pizza? anyhoo turns out we are running out of quick – and I use that term loosely – meal options if I can’t be bothered cooking because we wont get pizza delivered again and our most recent attempt at chinese takeaway was pretty average even by scott’s standard. and this is a man that declares sweet and sour pork to be better the next day because it’s had a chance to soak up all the fat mmmm yummy….


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