bloggers block and baby brain…

isn’t baby brain meant to hit during the pregnancy? I know alot of the stuff I should be remembering is only due to my poor listening skills right now…I can’t listen to a conversation, check facebook and make sure my daughter is still breathing all at once so unfortunately the conversation loses out to the other two. it is a little wrong of me to be referring to my 6 week old as someone other than kenzi, isn’t that something people with more than one child do, in the past week I have called her hayley – my godchild, lexie – my bestys pug dog and aliza – a name that didn’t make the final cut. I don’t suppose it matters to her but it certainly doesn’t make me a front-runner for mother of the year especially when I refer to her as a chubby pug dog. maybe I should get a tattoo to help me out….that would probably see me out of the will though, mind you my dad keeps telling me there will be nothing left anyway so I might throw my tits to the wind and get inked – somewhere that he cant see it, just in case.

I go for my 6 week check up tomorrow which means I can drive again and I cant believe how made up I am over being behind the wheel again. I think kenzi and I will just go for a drive because we can. being the control freak I am it’s no good for me to be sitting in the passenger seat of my own car. there have been quite a few carguments over the past six weeks, not helping the situation is the fact that due to the car seat being behind the passenger seat I am practically in the glove compartment, not good when the nominated driver bunny hops at every start – my first “drive myself” outing should probably be to the chiropractor. don’t get me wrong I am ever grateful to both my husband and my mum for chauffering us around for the past six weeks but as we bunny hop off the kerb at the front of our house every time we set off and I have to hear about how shit the clutch is in my car I cant help but think a good tradesmen never blames his tools. on the plus side though kenzi-hayley-lexie-aliza seems to like it because she goes into the car screaming for australia and six bunny hops later is sound asleep.

I have had a bit of bloggers block over the past week and haven’t really felt that I have anything worth reading to write…my day to day just hasn’t been all that scintillating that I have been compelled to share it. but some stuff has really amused me. I signed up to the groupon website and get way too many emails in the middle of the night offering me a fantastic opportunity to “save” money. one that I received last week was for fat cavitation….what the? it just sounds wrong let alone paying for the privilege – discounted or not. the other thing I have had my fair share of is daytime telly…now I don’t partake in the free to air stations and mostly watch the crap they offer on pay tv, if I am to watch average telly I will damn well pay for it…when they first launched pay tv in australia it was sold as telly without the ads, that soon changed and now some of the ads are longer than most programs because they don’t put ads in them. anyhoo one that I particularly enjoy is the ad for pestrol rodent free. it’s a product that claims to kill rodents use an electromagnetic pulse. the fun starts in this ad when they use customer testimonials to really sell it and “stan” says “I Placed 2 in mother in-laws  house with excellent results also, nothing seen or moving anywhere.” so they are good for mother in laws as well are they stan? the other really weird part of this ad is the final shot that shows a baby sitting on the floor with an american pit bull terrier panting next to it…unless you  are cesar milan dog whisperer probably not the best combo.

something new for me this past week is having my groceries home delivered. yes I ordered my weekly shopping online and in the pissing rain on wednesday they were kindly delivered to my kitchen. now I have no concept of how much stuff weighs or how many things you get to a kilo so I just order a kilo and suck it and see. so a kilo of barramundi equals five decent sized fillets, two kilos of bananas equals about seven huge bananas and a kilo of portobello mushrooms equals mushrooms every day for a week and give half to dad. I thought they may have made a mistake when I kept pulling prepacked mushrooms out of different bags but no as it turns out mushrooms don’t weigh that much so a kilo is a lot of fungi and since I am the only person in the house that is partial to shrooms I am having omelette for lunch every day. it’s a pretty good service really and stops you from impulse buying…well it did this week, cant guarantee what the next shop will bring.

ok so my goal for this week is to get a shower before 9am…major fail today it’s 2pm and I still have my PJ panties and ugg boots on…rock on tomorrow when I get to see willy wonka one final time and kenzi-hayley-lexie-aliza gets to see his gumboot wearing sidekick. living the life we are….


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