another year older…

this week I celebrated another year by having lunch with my husband, my mum and my daughter. I had expressed a couple of feeds so I could have a wine with lunch which probably wasn’t a good idea because just having “a” wine is never really enough. and while I have never enjoyed the sensation of the following days hangover I do enjoy drinking and in most cases getting absolutely mortal and playing sing star til I think I am better than the actual artist – my neighbours must have loved the free concerts that I put on in my BB days – that’s before baby yeah? last year when I celebrated another year I had a party and asked everyone to dress in their bogan best, mullet wigs and ciggies optional, and I think the last of us finished up around 3ish to back it up the following day at a winery….my east coast besty is a seasoned pro and managed to be up and ready to go sunglasses on ciggies in hand, my husband was a different story and put on a brave, and a little puffy, face and off we went to the winery. we arrived before my parentals and got a bottle of wine of which my husband had one sip and said he didn’t know what was wrong but he just didn’t feel that great – maybe he was just tired….ah how about still mortal? anyhoo my east coast besty is ever so kind and suggested he go for a lay down on the back seat of the car which he did and only resurfaced at the end of lunch 20 minutes before we were all ready to leave. overall it was a great birthday party, presents, great people and good times. fast forward 12 months and things have changed considerably. still got presents and hung out with great people and had good times…just earlier in the day and governed by the schedule of an eight week old baby. we were that couple that says we wont change our lives for a baby, the baby will have to fit in with us…damn that takes hard work! I totally understand why people don’t go anywhere once they have a baby cause it takes it out of you and I don’t think you totally relax. well that and it’s not that much fun changing nappies on the floor of the disabled toilet because the establishment doesn’t want to put a change table on the wall. may as well chuck a sign up saying “no thongs, no hoodies, no bikie colours, no MMA clothing, no beanies, no babies” mmmm yes bikies, fight fans and newborns are an absolute menace. soon it will be easier for them to list what they want you to wear rather than what you can’t. anyhoo I am determined to continue heading out socially but I also understand that sometimes our bundle of joy wont want to play the game so we may have to cancel plans and stay in but in all honesty the last eight weeks have flown by with such jiffy like speed it wont be that long before we are the annoying parents that takes the toddler to the pub for lunch – last year we were the pub patrons that got annoyed at the parents of the toddler and made comments like – “why would you bring a baby here” now I know why they did….because they want to continue to live like they used to BB as well. don’t get me wrong though I don’t intend on bringing my child up at the bar, we are also looking forward to a time when we can all go camping and teaching her to ride a bike so we can all hit the trails together…and then have lunch at the pub.


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