the inconvenience of convenience….

yesterday I took my little farty pants to have her first round of immunisation needles…that’s after I had spent the morning being physically ill at the thought of injecting who knows what into our little doo dah. now I do like a bit of worry and stress in my life, hell who doesn’t right? so I had done quite a bit of research into the pro’s and con’s of immunisation and found it’s quite a touchy subject for a lot of people, both for and against. turns out this parenting gig can get a bit controversial at times and  there are a few more topics that should be otherwise avoided at dinner parties than politics and religion. immunisation is one of these topics. it seems quite strange to me that it would even be a discussion topic since it is almost compulsory to participate in the national immunisation program, not much to talk about really. anyway our little doo dah got a jab in each leg and one vaccine orally – which she liked the taste of –  then we waited just in case she had a reaction. her “reaction” to the source of my stress and worry was to have a feed and go to sleep. so I understand the need for immunisation and having had whooping-cough as an adult I can only imagine how deadly it could be for a baby but I just don’t trust the pharma companies that make the vaccines. anyhoo so she had her jabs and didn’t have any major reaction and has slept through the night for the past two nights so good-o and here’s hoping that goes for a few more days cause I exhausted myself stressing about getting her needles so I need some more sleep!

so to the title of this post…I really dislike shopping. yes I am definitely a woman and I really dislike shopping of any kind. grocery, gift, clothing whatever it is I don’t like it. grocery shopping is my least favourite – it’s the other people shopping slowly, the people who ride around in those motorised carts that are to big for the aisles, the stacks of stuff on special placed at the end of each aisle, the 30 check-outs with only 6 open and the fact that the whole place seems refrigerated. so now that I am home most days I decided to get my groceries delivered and have been doing so for the past three weeks. so week one I told anyone who would listen – and some that wouldn’t – how fantastic this new shopping experience was and how everyone should get on board. why battle it out from carpark to checkout if you can just open your front door and have your stuff delivered right to your kitchen? so week two delivery was all good until I got to saturday and when I got my juice out of the fridge the container felt a bit bloated so I checked the use by date and it was out of date – I got an awesome three days to drink two litres of juice which ended up getting consumed by the drain. oh well not to worry….then this weeks order arrived and it turns out I may have to go back to dodging motorised carts and promo stacks cause stuff I ordered isn’t there and stuff I didn’t want is and if it was a case of substitution I could probably understand but when I ordered rissoles I got schnitzel and instead of croissants, white bread. based on the increase in mistakes with my order I think I will quit while I can still afford to. although just the thought of going back to pushing a wonky wheeled trolley makes me cringe. I have sent them an email just to see what they do – it would be nice if they sent someone round with the croissants and the rissoles and I can hand back the schnitzel and bread but I need to think straight and get serious, it wont happen.

what is it with those motorised carts anyway?? they are huge and can go at a cracking pace and the people who operate them get really angry if you don’t give them a wide berth. I want to know what would happen if you were to just ride into the shopping centre on a quad bike? not that much bigger than nan’s “cart” and other than the speed and the noise what is the difference…yeah not a good argument but I am scarred by the nut job that ran over my foot in woolies and then yelled at me for being in the way of the deodorant…

when I checked the mail today I received the victoria’s secret catalogue….I wish I could order myself a victoria’s secret body to go with the lingerie. I know I know they’re not old ducks like me but even when I was their age I didn’t look anywhere near that fit. so I best hit the home gym cause I think it’s long overdue and while I wont ever end up with a body like miranda kerr I might eventually be able to buy a pair of panties from vicky’s secret that will fit….maybe.


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