baby brain…is it here to stay??

firstly if my boss is reading this post the answer is no Johnny G my baby brain will be well and truly sorted by may 2013…but until then I will continue to have a laugh, or lol if that’s what the cool kids are saying these days, at myself and the incredibly stupid things I seem to be saying and doing of late. for your reading pleasure here are a couple of choice efforts from the once firing on all synapses brain, now a bit hit and miss – more miss I fear – of me, Mrs B…

last thursday Mr B and I were enjoying a wine – no judgement please I had expressed for K Doggy – and having some after work chit-chat while exercising Mr Rooben. it was a lovely afternoon and while we both knew we should be out taking a walk a wine seemed like a nicer idea. anyhoo for whatever reason I was looking at my calendar in my phone and I say, and I was serious, “oh my god, tomorrows the anniversary of 7/11″

it was out before I could stop it and then I spent the next 15 minutes laughing so hard a bit of wee came out. how bloody bonkers…one of the most significant events of our time and I get it mixed up with a twenty-four hour store. I would defend myself by saying that our dates are not written month followed by day but even that would be ridiculous because it was the 7th of the 9th…not quite sure what was occurring within my grey matter but by the sounds of it, not much.

so yesterday our medicare cards arrived. yes K Doggy is three months old on friday but these things take time apparently. so I get the letter and before opening it I feel the contents and I say to Mr B…”I hope there’s three cards in here” to which he just gives me a blank look…so I open the envelope  and inside are two cards to which I say “I can’t believe they only sent us two cards” how completely stupid have I become – that’s me reflecting people, I am not asking for your feedback. I continued to only get a blank look from Mr B because I am sure he thinks I have lost the plot and I am inclined to agree.

another example of how my brain may have suffered the effects of producing another human is that I am addicted to Big Brother. sorry to say it because it is such trash tv but I can’t get enough of watching these people interact and they are getting less chummy and more bitchy as the days go on…so far my fave housemate is bradley who just cracks out whatever he wants to say usually at the most inappropriate time but hey the dude has battled with a debilitating stutter most of his 19 years so cut him some slack and let him say what he wants. the one thing I wish they would do, though, is get Sonia Kruger’s hair up and to reassess how they are dressing her…last night she looked like she was wearing nannas old curtains from the 60’s with a rear view mirror around the neck. it was just wrong on so many levels but ben the token gay person – yay for diversity – told her he loved it so what do I know? so next week my cousin and her daughter are coming to stay with us…I hope they like BB because it will be on our screens every night without fail – or I will record it. my aunt recently summed it up like only she can “how can a person with a brain like yours watch a show like that?” my answer? easily.


One thought on “baby brain…is it here to stay??

  1. Hi Pam, looks like Cousin Leanne & daughter Georgia will be watching Big Brother like it or not. Hope you won at bowls….Maureen

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