the law of attraction…

so the law of attraction is this theory that “like attracts like” and that if you focus on positive thoughts you will bring positivity to your life and likewise if you focus on negative…you get the picture. so a couple of things that have occurred either to me or around me in the last week have caused me to ponder this theory and to think if things had been done differently would the outcome have been the same…so saturday morning I pack kenzi into the car and off to the shops we go. the weather has started to warn up and most of the clothes we have for our little bundle of joy are for much cooler weather, add to this the fact that she more than takes after her father and is extremely hot-blooded so summer is going to be a fun time at our place. anyhoo so off we go to get some outfits that are more suited to her constitution than the actual season. all good we are in and out of target in record time and I join the queue at a coffee shop to get a giant-sized – not american giant-sized I still needed one hand to push the pram – coffee and a muffin to take home. so I order and then stand to the side to wait for my name to be called. while I am waiting a woman approaches the counter with a half full – she would say half empty no doubt – giant size coffee and without waiting for anyone to ask her if they could help she thrust it in front of the barista and said “you need to make that again” nothing else, no please, no reason, no manners, just do it! so the barista asks what the problem is and the woman says “I asked for three-quarter strength and it’s too strong” so the barista topped it up with hot milk. this seemed to make the woman lose her rag a bit so she says…” no, I want you to make it again. I asked for 3/4 strength and it was too strong so my husband put several sweeteners in it to make it palatable and it is disgusting so make it again.” now I have always worked on the theory that you catch more bee’s with honey than you do with vinegar – it’s a real saying from back in the day, look it up – and since this woman, who was now quite red in the face, had so far not even asked for the coffee to be remade let alone said please I was waiting for the backlash from the staff. see “back in the day” the customer was always right even if they were wrong. anyhoo so the barista made her a fresh coffee 3/4 strength and as a parting gesture the woman said “I am a manager in hospitality and the way you handled this was disgraceful” so the manager of the coffee place gave it back and told her that if she had approached them with a less aggressive attitude things may have been different. obviously she didn’t agree and stormed off with her husbands coffee…two things here why did she have to do his bidding? and who in their right mind wants 3/4 strength coffee?? seriously the stronger the better and her man probably needs to grow a pair and stop using “sweetener”. surely though if she had of returned to the counter, asked nicely, explained the situation and said please she would have received a more welcome reception. my coffee was the next one up and the barista apologised to me for the delay to which I replied “that’s okay I was enjoying the show”…

so I have been experimenting with online grocery ordering and delivery and its over. this week I selected the 7am – 10am delivery window and was ready to go at 7am. so at 10.20am when I still had not received my groceries I called the customer service number and after listening to 11 minutes of the woolies jingle in one ear and the screaming of a colicky baby in the other they hung up on me….so I waited until K Doggy had burped like a man a few times and then called back. when I finally got answered it was 10.50am and the girl I spoke to said she would call the driver to see where he was…wherever he was he wasnt answering his phone so she said she would keep trying him and call me back. while I was on this call another one beeped in my ear but I don’t know how to do call waiting so I let it slide through to the keeper. so when I checked my messages it was woolies letting me know that the driver was running 30 minutes late. no he is not. if he were running 30 mins late he would have been knocking on my door at 10.30 and as it had now clock 11.15 I was starting to feel the hostility creep in…anyway so the delivery arrives at 11.25am. I have the door propped open and the dog locked away so all he has to do is pop the bags inside the front door. so he puts the crates down and gets me to sign for the delivery and then we stand and stare at each other for a while until he says “I need the crates” to which I reply “well you better take the groceries out of them then” he probably thought I was incredibly rude but really I had a very low care factor at that point. the first time I had my groceries delivered the delivery woman bought them into the kitchen and popped the bags on the bench for me. that was a once off obviously. anyway it’s over, I am done. I was toying with the idea of trying out the competition but I think I will just head back to my local IGA and battle it out with everyone else on their L Plates for trolley driving.

the mailman has just delivered our mail so testing the theory of the laws of attraction I am going to think positive and say that there will be a cheque in todays mail…

let me know what you really think...

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