over 40 and over it…

so I am beginning to understand why old birds like me should have got on the baby band wagon years ago…isn’t hindsight such a wonderful way to help you see the failures in life. almost every person I speak to about our little family and how we will only be having one child due to my years getting closer to menopause and therefore not bearing the freshest of eggs tells me that “oh being over 40 is no barrier to having more kids these days…” are they on crack? it is a major barrier because whether we want to admit it or not over 40 is old to be child-bearing. sure I would like to have a little brother or sister for Kenzi but she may just have to have “cousins” because the way my body feels right now I fear another baby might render me motionless and surviving on a cocktail of painkillers…I have thumbs that lock into place at the most inconvenient time – and I don’t mean when giving the thumbs up – one shoulder-blade that feels as though it is keeping a bag of marbles hostage and a tooth that, minus a filling, makes drinking and eating anything without a straw utter agony. I swallowed the filling yesterday so off I go on friday to get a replacement – woo hoo more money out the door. is it bad of me to say that I miss the banter with my work colleagues? does that make me less of a mum? no I am not asking for your opinion just in case anyone was considering a bit of cyber bullying. these are questions I ask myself. don’t get me wrong when I look at my little jellybean and she looks back at me with a bright smile and a little squeal it brings me more joy than hanging out with work buddies ever could – sorry guys – I just miss the interaction and social contact. especially since the days spent at home seem to fly by in a jiffy and I don’t know where the time goes. best of both worlds would be a workplace with a nanny on staff so you could return to work with your infant – now THAT would be freaking awesome…

post disclaimer – no I am not depressed, yes I am ok, please read this blog as I have written it – tongue in cheek, thank you.


One thought on “over 40 and over it…

  1. I can provide witty banter! Also, imagine of you have another and you are running after two small children; apparently there’s nothing like enforced exercise to make you feel your age 🙂

    We need to organize a catchup – name a day and a place and I will be there (plus baked goods :D)!

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