a zen kinda feeling…

so yesterday was pretty rough. I didn’t get enough sleep the previous night, Kenzi spent the best part of the day in pain with wind and I had to start my Diploma of HR Management online…add to that my dearly beloved husband walked in the door at 2.30pm and said “mmm what happened in the kitchen?” closely followed by “you’re still in your pyjamas?!” oh I felt a melt down coming on. not only was I still in my pj’s but I had a sticky patch of drool and snot on my shoulder from where my poor baby girl had spent a good portion of her day crying and screaming trying to bust out some burps or farts, the latter of which she is usually pretty good at. oh and every surface of the kitchen had something on it that needed cleaning. not sure how we manage to use that many dishes but hey we did and they were all left on the bench tops as proof. anyhoo so I called the health nurse to discuss our windy girl and she advised I go to the chemist but to chose the preparation that I felt most comfortable with not what they recommend…so off I go. the chemist asks me all the questions under the sun then gives me a crash course in baby positioning while breast feeding to avoid wind then finally gets to the products available. so this one does this, that one does that and that one is the same as this one. a bit further along the shelf I notice a homeopathic preparation for colic and I ask if that would be any good – not because I wanted to know whether it would be good or not, just to see what her response would be. she replies ” ahh thats a homeopathic” so I asked again if it would do the trick and she said “probably not, it’s just a homeopathic” so thats the one I bought. I knew it was a homeopathic and it was what I would have purchased had I not asked her in the first place. the only reason I did ask was because I cant bear to wander around the store blankly staring at the shelves trying to figure out where things are. so fast forward to today and I was up bright and early at 5am sent scotty off to work with some toast and his lunch and made myself a cup of tea before feeding miss kenzi. then I waited for her to start screaming in pain as the wind inside her struggled to find a way out but nothing happened…she had a bit of a whinge while I was burping her but nothing like the previous days efforts. so to continue the day in a calm and peaceful way I put the classical music channel on foxtel, lit my rejuvenate candle from dusk and set about my studies while kenzi slept peacefully. and thats the way the day continued…thank you brauer for your homeopathic wonder, heres hoping tomorrow offers more of the same household harmony…


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