the squeaky door gets the oil…

normally I would be using this as a saying meaning those that continue to make the most noise tend to get the most attention – which is so very true now that we have little boss – but I am saying it today in the literal sense. all, and I mean all, of the doors in our house squeak of creak on closing and opening and to be perfectly honest up until recently it hasn’t bothered us at all. whats changed??? well we now have a five month old little boss who wakes at the slightest noise so the very loud squeaky bedroom door just doesn’t cut it, especially when I have managed to finally get her to sleep and I have all my clothes ready for my much awaited shower only to find that my panties are trapped behind the now closed bedroom door. and knowing that opening the door will let out a long and loud creak worthy of an Addams Family sound effect I chose to go commando. little boss will wake at the most random sounds and given that MrRooben has to violently shake himself every time he stands up he no longer wears a collar while we are at home as the noise from his collar shaking would wake her….now just the sound of his ears flapping against his head and his tail against his bum is enough to bring her out of what seemed like a deep sleep. so we have purchased the biggest can of WD-40 on the market and have it poised for action for this to become a quiet, squeak free environment. The WD-40 will always come in handy as it can clean crayon off most surfaces so fingers crossed our wall colour will remain throughout the “artistic” phase most kids go through.

so many new reasons for little boss to wake from her seemingly solid slumber at the moment…until very recently she could only roll from front to back and even then wasn’t really that keen, preferring instead to lay superman style until someone responded to her banshee like wailing and flipped her over. now she is quite content laying on her side and in some cases face planted into the mattress. the unfortunate condition this creates usually involves one leg getting stuck in between the rungs of the cot, then we all wake up to screams which would normally indicate complete removal of the leg only to find it is just hanging out. at least it seems the whole mattress is getting a work out now. two weeks ago she would just lay on her back in the same place all nioght….now she covers every square inch of the cot several times over before finally coming to rest. hunger has started to wake her up and this only started when we introduced solids…that was meant to make her sleep longer but ahhh not so much here so I am back to the middle of the night feeds which is making me look every single one of my 41 years. other reasons for her to wake are the new neighbor who drives a WRX with a thumping exhaust and stereo to match, I see your WRX and I raise you one screaming, over tired baby while you are trying to study…. then there’s MrRooben who contributes to the sleeplessness by barking or howling at completely the wrong time, every time. Ahhhh the joys. If only WD-40 worked as an all-purpose silencer life would be grand….for now we will have to be content with the soundless closing of doors and hope that little boss gets tuckered out enough to withstand all the other noise we can’t control…


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