the perks of parents…

I recently discovered parents with prams parking and I now spend the first five minutes of a journey into a car park checking to see if they provide spaces for the wide load that is little boss’ pram. this has been an interesting discovery and an insight into human behaviour that  I would never had been privy to if little boss had not come along. so far parents with prams is a loose term that includes parents who left their kids at home, people who don’t have any evidence of having children and elderly drivers who don’t really care whether its parents with prams or disabled parking – they’re old so the rules no longer apply. on my most recent visit to the local market place – their name for it not mine – Mr B and I parked the car and while he was getting little boss out of the car we noticed that their was a security guard on the phone in front of the car next to ours…on closer inspection there were three kids in the back seat, the engine was running and all the windows were up…nice one.

they say that parents with prams parking is situated close to the entrance so that the people who use it don’t have far to walk to get to the shops but for me it’s more about walking through the car park with distracted drivers desperately trying to find a car park that can potentially run me down that makes me keep an eye out for parents with prams spots. not everyone likes it – obviously or those that abuse the system would think twice – but it works for me and next time I see some old dude pulling his 4X4 into these spots I wont stay silent like I did last time I will challenge him. the irony is that if shopping centres put in seniors parking bays they probably wouldn’t use them because that would mean admitting that they are seniors. anyhoo for now I will continue to take full advantage of these perks of parenting because in the blink of an eye my six month old will be sixteen and wont want to be seen with me.


let me know what you really think...

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