another one bites the dust…

our christmas family 2012
our christmas family 2012

there goes another year  seemingly at the speed of a jiffy. I remember being at school and thinking that the days went sooooo slooooowww while waiting for the school holidays to come around and for some bizarre reason I thought that by staying at home and being a mum time would revert to that slow pace of childhood. alas it has not. if anything time seems to be going faster – now I am aware that it cannot actually go faster however my perception is my reality and I perceive the days to be flying by. little boss is now 6 1/2 months old, sitting on her own, eating solid food and letting us know when she is happy, sad, bored and frustrated in a whole new way. it feels like only weeks ago I was showering with the anti bacterial soap and swallowing antacid in preparation for her arrival and now she is closer to her first birthday than the day of her birth. and I am closer to returning to work….which I am looking forward to however it’s a bittersweet feeling as I am already reluctant to leave little boss in case I miss out on any of her discoveries. pity I can’t take her to work with me…not sure on the effect of the productivity of the rest of the team though. doing part of my work from home would be cool as I could start work at 4am when I am awake anyway and then I could also play with little boss in my breaks…okay way too much talk about returning to work when it doesn’t happen til May.

christmas is done for another year and 2012 was the most non christmassy celebration I have ever had. we had planned a lunch at our place but it didn’t go according to plan so my sydney besty and his boyfriend/partner/lover/houseboy – select the appropriate term – spent the day and night with us and we drank and swam and generally trash talked our way through the day. we did have lunch but it was about 4pm and instead of the big hoo haa we ended up having german hotdogs…it was too hot to do much else anyway and let’s be honest we had consumed a weeks worth of calories in alcohol by then so we didn’t need much else. we had a heat wave in perth so I feel for all those turkey lovers who were standing around a hot barby or even worse a hot oven on christmas day preparing a feast that is best reserved for those that can build a snowman after lunch.


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