the good, the bad and the ugly….

so the good news is that little boss has started actually sleeping through the night. up until now she has not actually woken up in the night but has stirred for a feed so that has meant that I get up and feed her, sometimes twice a night, which is no big deal considering that she feeds and then returns to a peaceful slumber. I, on the other hand, take a considerable amount of time to return to a relaxed state and consequently don’t get the sleep I need to function as a normal member of society. anyhoo now that she is established on solid food and settling into her own routine of activity during the day she has decided it’s okay to sleep for and 8-10 hour stretch – you beauty – I am so looking forward to getting a “full” nights sleep…or maybe it is best described as and uninterrupted nights sleep. see the bad news is that last night I was woken from a fabulous dream by MrRooben standing in the doorway to our bedroom heaving the contents of his stomach onto the floor. yep a 1am chunder alarm had me moving like jagger as I tried to get from the bed to the back door without feeling the warm squish of undigested dog biscuits between my toes. imagine my surprise when I looked over and saw Mr B snoring away apparently oblivious to the events leading to me cleaning the floor on hands and knees….

now the ugly news is that western australian fisheries department have been given the green light to bait and kill a great white shark that has been spotted since christmas lurking off the south-west coast – threatening beachgoers. yes we have had our fair share of fatalities caused by great white’s and unfortunately there is an element of risk associated with swimming in the ocean but I fail to see how killing one shark will make a difference to beachgoers safety….are the fisheries department going to kill every shark that comes within range? what I find even more disturbing is that in the article featured in the west newspaper the fisheries department bait the shark and then shoot it OR it dies from exhaustion – lovely. the beach played an important role in my childhood. I went to the beach more than I went to school – if you saw my school you would understand why – and I had a healthy respect for the ocean and it’s power instilled in me from an early age. I have been dumped by big waves, stung by blue bottles and other unidentified stingers, carried out by strong currents and carried in by a fellow surfer when I was dangerously close to hypothermia. I have also watched in awe as dolphins swam through the waves in front of me, have spent many mornings watching the sun rise over the ocean and now watch it sink into the ocean as it sets. the great white shark is listed as a vulnerable species – maybe we should stay off it’s turf because the consequences of killing off sharks that present a danger to beachgoers may be further reaching than we think…


2 thoughts on “the good, the bad and the ugly….

  1. I absolutely agree with your comments on not killing the are going into their territory…[they do not come into yours] so the choice is with the surfer.

    1. my thoughts exactly. and death by shark stats for WA versus the death by road collision are poles apart. sharks 5/road users 152 for 2012. obviously putting out nets to make beaches safe costs more than some old smelly tuna and a bullet…

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