bob dylan was right…

the times are definitely a-changin round here. I am pretty sure that most first time parents – well most that admit it afterwards – would tell you that they went into parenthood thinking that their lives would still be theirs and the new addition would have to “fit in” with it. we knew that there would be a shift in things and that it would be some time before we would be able to do what we once took for granted. like mountain bike riding for example. life blb – before little boss – saw us taking off on the weekends as we pleased and returning whenever it suited us….life alb see’s a couple of quality bikes upside down in the spare room gathering the wrong kind of dust. due to the fact that we had never factored in having a child we have accumulated lots of toys….bikes, golf clubs, camping gear, squash racquets, tennis racquets, beer on tap, a pool table….you name it, if we wanted it we bought it. now all of our pennies go elsewhere and our toys remain mostly unused and stored until some unknown time in the future when we can dust them off and get back on the bike – so to speak. tomorrows change is structural and that’s why I am lamenting on old bob dylan’s tune now…tomorrow we are moving our pool table to  a different room to make the biggest room in our house more user-friendly in preparation for little boss to start moving around and there goes all our intentions of having her fit in with us. turns out calling her little boss is spot on…she doesn’t even know it but she has ruled the roost here since day one and will probably continue to. the only member of our family not affected by the arrival of little boss is MrRooben. and while she smiles and laughs and reaches out for him several times a day he is playing it cool and will allow her to pat him only when he feels like it. this will all change when she is old enough to throw him the ball. he is part staffy and rarely does anything without a ball or a rope in his mouth….so once she can master the ball thrower she will be wishing he still treated her with indifference and while other parents might long for a time when their kids can help with the household chores, at the haus of halford we will be paying pocket-money for time spent exhausting MrRooben….I just hope this time doesn’t come too quickly…


let me know what you really think...

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