tryin to keep the customer satisfied…

this year I decided that rather than moan about poor service I am going to praise good service. kind of you get back what you project kind of thing…if I am constantly bemoaning the lack of customer service then I will continue to get poor service. on the other hand if I go in expecting good service and get it then I am going to let those people know. so today I walked to the local market place to get some food and decided to have a coffee before walking home. so I ordered my long black with hazelnut syrup at The Coffee Club, sat down and started feeding little boss. my coffee was delivered and for the first time ever I was told that if there wasn’t enough syrup to please let them know and they would fix it. anyhoo it was spot on which pleased me. little boss finished her bottle and then got a bit grizzly which I thought was just due to her being in the pram so I got her out and she did a big burp followed by the biggest projectile vomit I have experienced to date. it was well bad. about 200ml of formula, some half digested banana and some oat cereal all over me and the floor – but mostly on me….lovely. so I called the lady over who had delivered my coffee and she was just delightful, offering me a cloth or some paper towel and getting a dude with a mop and bucket to clean up – even warning me that the floor would be slippery. then after she had cleaned it up she told me how cute little boss was and asked her name…so sweet of her and this made it a little easier on me sitting there in my clothes soaked with the contents of little boss’ stomach. so I thanked them at the store and have sent feedback on to their franchise owner. you might read this and think,  so they should provide service like this, especially if you live in the states. but since our staff in this country don’t work for tips you roll the dice with customer service. well I will be interested to see if my experiment with positive feedback as opposed to negative goes – I anticipate more good news stories…I just hope I don’t have to wear little boss’ breakfast to get them..


let me know what you really think...

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