the imperfections make it perfect…

so I have been working on a photo book that will have little boss’ first six months in it…the reason it will only showcase a whole six months of memories is due to the expiry of the voucher I purchased from a cheapo website. I would have preferred to do a little boss the first year photo book but it looks as though I will have to pay full price for that one!

anyhoo so I started putting the book together and it occurred to me that I should probably have a look at what some other people have done to see how it should be done so to speak. see the last time I put a photo book together it was a peel back the plastic sheet and stick in your photo type of book, yes a photo album remember those? so I get onto this companies website and check out the galleries in the category of “families” and the first one was a couple showing off their new baby – perfect. only problem was that all the photo’s in the book were professionally done. and I don’t mean that the couple had a snazzy dslr camera with a fancy pants editing suite, I mean they actually hired someone to capture it all. did it look good – absolutely. is it what I was looking to emulate – not a chance. horses for courses really. if having your memories created by someone else all in one or two sessions is what blows your hair back then all power to you but for Mr B and I we will take the unedited, less than perfect pictures that have the memories attached to each and every one…like how her knees looked like they belonged to demi moore when we first bought her home – they have filled out quite well since then, not sure about demi’s though she hasn’t been seen much since ashton moved on, poor love. so we went through the photos tonight to make sure that we were both happy before pressing the send button and we have some really great moments in there…enough to fit on 40 pages anyway. from her 20 week ultrasound and a very pregnant me to her first mouthful of solid food and her first christmas it’s – mostly – all there and it will create a lovely story when we show it to people so they can understand why we chose certain photos. I took this approach when I put together our wedding photo book and rather than select all the well posed and perfectly positioned photos, we went for the memories…us laughing on the stairs, my sister-in-law doing her usual photo face – eye’s crossed, tongue hanging out – while everyone else is doing their best “photo smile”, my mother in law getting the surprise of her life as the photographer took the shot just as she opened the bathroom door dressed only in a towel, my gorgeous nephew handing Mr B the ring…only seconds after scrambling to pick it up off the floor of the gazebo and the shot of my sister-in-law, Mr B and I all standing at the same height – and I wont even take a guess at how “tall” my sister-in-law is but lets just say we were bending at the knees quite a bit – while my brother is the odd man out towering above us all…he didn’t get the memo and it reminds me of that sesame street song “which of these kids is doing their own thing, come on can you tell which one…” so many memories in one little photo book.

so now we wait to see exactly how it will turn out…one thing I have realised is that I have very few photos of myself and little boss, conscious of getting photos of others with her and not capturing the moments of her and I together…it’s a bit difficult taking “selfies” with a dslr and the picture quality of my iPhone doesn’t even come close so I will have to charge Mr B with the responsibility of taking the snaps. thankfully technology has come a long way since the days of my old slr camera…you no longer have to take 400 pictures in the hope of getting a few good ‘uns, you point and shoot then if it’s heinous hit delete and go again…perfect for those of us with more than one chin.

happy australia day


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