i get so emotional, baby…

so I have always been a cry at movies type but after having little boss my emotions are off the charts…a friend took some pictures of little boss at the weekend and she sent me one through facebook and when I saw it I started to cry…what the? what has happened to me? prior to christmas we received some cards and a letter requesting donations for the wildlife fund to raise money and stop the brutal removal of rhino horns…one of the photos in the pamphlet had a picture of a rhino that had just had its horn hacked off and two things happened – I almost threw up and I burst into tears. Mr B Badger.com came into the room and thought something was really wrong – and to be honest brutalizing an animal like that is very wrong, but most people would empathise, donate and be done. not me. even thinking about it now is making me well up. my parentals were over for dinner a few weeks ago and my mum said “oh did you hear that sad story…” before she could go any further I put up my hand and said don’t tell me.

I have always been affected by certain things…random movie scenes, some david bowie songs, cruelty to animals but nothing like the range I have now. I think my hormones must be going a bit bonkers because this is very similar to how I was in the first couple of weeks little boss was home with us and I couldn’t even watch some ads on the telly without blubbing. The other night I was just mindlessly watching the telly – no idea what was on it – and the movie Green Mile started. I haven’t seen that film since it came out at the movies about 1999ish but virtually as soon as it started I started and rather than change the channel I just sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks feeling so sad for people who don’t even exist – what is going on????


2 thoughts on “i get so emotional, baby…

  1. I.feel.your.pain! I laughed out loud reading this.. I was in tears on the phone to my broadband company the other day. The poor guy didn’t know what to do! 🙂

    1. so there was a news story yesterday about a guide dog left in a car on a 36C day by his handler. of course the dog perished before the guy remembered that he had left the dog in the car and I was bawling like it was MrRooben that had died. I dont know how you can still work…music is such an emotional trigger for me the only way I could continue working would be if I played the triangle :o)

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