whinge jar stan…

so yesterday I was having a big old sook about feeling my age. today I took little boss to the foreshore for some time by the sea and a bit of reflection. what an amazing day…sun shining, clear water, dolphins playing only a few meters from shore and plenty of people out and about just soaking it up – gotta love Western Australia for its weather, if you can afford to eat its even nicer. anyhoo even though the foot doctor told me to rest up and stay off my foot I just needed to get out and on such a beautiful day the beach was calling me. while I was down there I had some mail to post so I popped into the newsagent to find out where the post box was and the lady and I got talking about babies….as with most of my conversations with strangers it all started with little boss and her white blonde hair and blue eyes and in this case her skin. this lady is possibly the first person so far to say she looks like me…odd considering I have brown hair, green eyes and freckles but hey I’ll take it. I digress, this lady and I were discussing the development of babies at this age and how amazing it is to watch them grow and learn…then she told me how she had wished it away with both of her kids, who are now in their 20’s, always wanting the next stage to begin…she regrets not taking more time to appreciate them as babies. I proudly told her that it was for that reason that I had recently opted out of the workforce so I could enjoy it…probably helps that I have a happy and healthy baby – if she was a screamer I might have been in a different situation. anyways off we went to have a swing and a wander on the grass and the sand. little boss found some things she has not encountered before….some spiky thing from a tree managed to occupy her for about 15 minutes and a feather that only got a couple of seconds in her hand before the wind took it away, much to her disappointment. once the eye rubbing started we headed home for lunch and for once I sat and just watched her eat. there was a selection of mandarin, avocado, pear, broccoli, carrot, banana and some chicken patties and she has a new favourite in mandarin. strawberries have got the seal of approval as well but we are out of them…so it was that she gradually picked her way through what was on offer with only the chicken getting no attention at all….maybe we have a vego. so after all this I have managed to reflect on yesterdays whinge fest and me getting all down in the dumps about being such an old bag and today I say bring it on. not everyone gets to grow old and not everyone gets to have a fantastic life like I have so I am putting a whinge jar up and every time I want to have a whinge I must put $5 in there…I will just have to ask Mr B Badger.com for it first…


let me know what you really think...

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