say yes to sweat…

so apparently sweat is bad….so bad that you can now get a panty liner so you avoid those “embarrassing” sweat patches  down there.  that means there are now pads for menstruation – with different flow rates, with or without wings – pads for that “in-between time”, pads for light bladder leakage – or lbl – , maternity pads, night-time pads, undies with in-built pads and now sweaty vagina pads. I can understand almost all of the many pads on offer but I draw the line at sweaty vagina pads. how sweaty does it get that you need a pad? and I am guessing that if you can see the sweat then the pants must be quite fitted and therefore you run the risk of people no longer staring at your sweaty vagine as they can’t get past the pad you’re wearing. last time I checked sweat is the body’s way of ridding itself of toxins and to trap that in your pants for any length of time could be dodgy at best. I don’t mind a bit of sweat…in actual fact, while exercising, I welcome it as a way to know that I am working hard enough to hopefully turn my two arses into one. most of my gym gear is black – well the pants at least so I am not particularly worried about sweaty vagina patches. in fact I am not really all that worried about much while exercising, least of all is how I look. back in the eighties when it was all shiny tights, G-string leotards and white reebok high tops it was more about the look, less about the input. now it is all about comfort and function – for me anyway. I think these new pads – and yes I know they are referred to as liners but I come from a generation that didn’t have all the choices that are available now, we had the same pads regardless of flow, those same pads did the job at night as well and we dealt with “the in-between time” pad free – so these new pads are just making money for the manufacturer and making exercising women feel that their sweat is bad or embarrassing. embrace the sweat, I say. be proud of your effort and let your sweat show – here are a few tips though if you are genuinely concerned about your sweat patches….never wear grey and always carry a towel.


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