milestones on my milestones…

so last week I took little boss to the Tuesday playgroup…it’s for kids over 1 or those that can walk. well what an experience it was and I have to say I was ill prepared for it. firstly I didn’t front up with a piece of fruit. oh well, not to worry. secondly it was a free for all with kids going bananas and parents mostly drinking coffee and occasionally checking on their kids. I must have looked like the overly cautious newbie following little boss as she explored the different areas of the set-up, but after one kid copped a face full of sand while coming down the slide and two older boys muscled my baby girl out of the cubby house I am unsure of when I will return. I probably will cause I am sure little boss will learn skills she will need in the future – close eyes while sliding and stand your ground to name two. anyhoo I refer to the wonder weeks book every few weeks so that I can look our for new and emerging behaviours and talents in little boss. she has just gone through what they refer to as Leap 10 and some of the things they say to look out for are mimicking your behaviours…their examples are sweeping the floor, dusting, cleaning, tidying her toys and so on, you get the drift – mostly cleaning. so here I am at Tuesday playgroup and I see a boy about 2 picking up the sand that has spilled out of the sand pit with a dust pan and brush and putting it back in. his mum must have seen me watching and she explained to me that she might be a bit obsessive about cleaning…mmmmm  maybe, just a tad. I told her that I am pretty much guaranteed that little boss will never be that kid and that if she and I could get somewhere in the middle it would probably be good. fast forward to this week…that’s right only one week on and I have proof of our baby girl sweeping the driveway at her grandparents place…she has started to put the pegs back into the peg basket after emptying them on the floor and today she helped me put her blocks away…maybe we have a cleaner after all.


let me know what you really think...

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