a new kind of awake…

okay so up until recently little boss had been waking at least once a night. sometimes for a bottle, sometimes just for a cuddle and at other times due to her being to hot or cold. I had read all the information I could handle on tips for getting her to sleep through the night and weaned off the night-time feed but in the end we just decided to keep it up until she weaned herself. so we used a process of elimination on everything we could so that she was as comfortable as possible for a good nights sleep and then it happened….she slept through. I didn’t say it out loud until she had been sleeping consistently through the night for a couple of weeks – and if she wakes up tonight I will be deleting this post with her in my arms – but she has been going to sleep at about 7pm and waking between 6.30-8am every morning. brilliant, right? so I should be elated, yeah? of course I am so pleased she is finally getting the rest that she needs. when she wakes up she is happy and ready for play…not a grumple in sight. from her anyway. see almost as soon as she started sleeping through I started not sleeping. I lay awake at night and wake several times throughout the night – worrying that she is okay. sometimes if I can see on the monitor that she hasn’t moved I will go into her room to make sure she is still breathing. what can I say? irrational fear is my specialty. anxiety is my homeboy. seriously though, what am I like? I am not getting any sleep because little boss keeps waking me up then when she stops waking me up I start waking myself up to check on her – while she sleeps. will it ever end? I fear that I will be hovering in her doorway for many years to come. anyhoo the upshot of this is that I didn’t have to endure any of the recommendations to get her sleeping through. no cry it out, no stay in the room/leave the room/go back to the room, no feeding her a bottle of water when she really wants milk. none of it. just going with my gut and making sure she was ready for a good nights sleep. now maybe I need to apply the same principles to myself…oh how sweet it would be to be able to sleep like Mr B Badger.com who as I type is snoring on the couch and believes little boss has been sleeping through for months.

lets hope tonight is my night to dream…


4 thoughts on “a new kind of awake…

  1. When I have my moments of irratic sleep, I make myself a small bowl of rolled oats and brown rice milk, zapped in the microwave for 90 seconds with a teaspoon of honey…. Guaranteed within 40-50 mins I’m out for the count and sleep till 5:30-6

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