a whole lotta nasty…

so without going into too much detail – I haven’t been all that well over the past week or so. it’s been pretty ugly and I have spent more time in the toilet than I care to mention. put it this way – the doctor asked me how many toilets we have…anyhoo I am sure you get my drift. so as part of my recent health misfortune I had to collect “stool” samples. yep that’s right folks…I had to collect samples from three of my poo’s and put it into little jars – that thankfully aren’t see through like the wee jars – and drop it into the collection centre. so my blog may have just sunk to a low point when I find myself discussing poo collection. I won’t go into the details of how it’s done – if you have ever had to do it you don’t want me reminding you and if you have never had to do it you don’t want to know – lets just say it’s not pleasant. it’s even less pleasant when you have a crying, teething toddler who desperately wants to be with you….everywhere. anyway so this whole ordeal got me thinking….about the good people who choose to work in the labs that perform diagnostic testing on bodily excretions. I take my hat off to them and I sincerely hope they are remunerated accordingly. I don’t know how they do it. I struggled to get the sample, and it’s my own. I couldn’t imagine fronting up to work each day to find a new batch of jars waiting to be opened. it’s a good thing they do though because without these fearless people we would never get results of what ails us.

so I apologise if you have read this and now feel a little disgusted by the content – I’ll admit it is a bit “low brow” to discuss these types of things and I could have come up with something more insightful to write about however for over a week now I have been pondering the body and its many functions and regardless of whether you want to read about it or not it happens. and if it happens to me I write about it.

the up shot of all this is that I am much better now – thank you. thanks also to the antibiotics I will be toasting my 42nd birthday with orange juice.

keep healthy – and please keep following…I promise I wont mention poo jars again.


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