the tenth leap…

so here we are at 17 and a bit months and little boss is going through her tenth and final leap in development…it would be lovely to think that this means no more of the three c’s – clingy, cranky & crying – but I just don’t think that is possible! the last week or so has been filled with mood swings that change more frequently than Melbourne weather and I have had to moderate my frustration at times. it has felt like I have said “no” more this past fortnight than at any other time in my life and it’s wearing me down but seriously wrapping the power cord of the vacuum cleaner around your neck – while I am vacuuming – isn’t the smartest move…and I am certain that the view from the dining room table is sensational, as is the view from standing on the ikea high chair but they are also big fat no’s. according the authors of the wonder weeks this leap is all about adapting to circumstances…yep they got that right…and in order to avoid the “terrible two’s” one should set some boundaries now….okay we’re on it. the unfortunate part of setting boundaries is that nobody like to be told something is off-limits so if little boss wants to climb onto the table she is utterly devastated when I tell her that she is not allowed on the table and we have a little tanty then something catches her eye and, with tears still fresh in her eyes, she’s off to pull the pillows off the couch. it’s a roller-coaster of emotions that she goes through and I have to admit I find it tough to keep up. we go to a playgroup once a week that is run by Montessori…it goes for two hours and afterwards we are both exhausted. there are soooo many activities and she tries to lay her hands on every one of them so it’s no surprise that when all the others toddlers are ready to sit down for story time that’s when little boss cranks it up a notch as she doesn’t have any competition for the many popular activities. after story time is song-time and we join in from any location…outside, on the ramp, inside the tunnel or in the kitchen…this week Mr B is joining us, my bet is he falls asleep in the car on the way home…


let me know what you really think...

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