personality plus….

yesterday I was pushing the trolley – shopping cart for my US pals – around the aisles while little boss tried desperately to grab as much as she could get her grubby little paws on. she managed to get the end of the roll of bags in the fruit and vege section…luckily I have developed cat-like reflexes so I only had to wind up ten or so bags….anyhoo I was busy trying to get over the shock of mangoes for $6.99 each when I noticed little boss doing her best peek-a-boo with someone behind me. when I turned to see who was there the lady in question said “oooo shes cheeky isn’t she?” ooohhhhhh she sure is.  the ultimate indian giver, she will make an offer only to run away just as you thought that piece of mashed bread was yours. we try to get her to return her books once they have been read – sometimes she will happily wander back and swap the old book for a new one, most of the time she will run off shaking her head and laughing….this usually ends with her falling over cause her coconut is a big one and the shaking affects her centre of gravity.  on the weekend we were all outside and little boss was climbing into the garden beds – we don’t really want her in there due to the level of redback spider activity in some of our plants – so Mr B uses his big sausage like pointing finger to, well, make a point and tell little boss “no, don’t go in the garden” this was met with a cheeky grin, a returned pointy finger and Mr B retrieving her from redback alley….bet the “terrible two’s” are going to be fun…


2 thoughts on “personality plus….

  1. What makes these blogs so much funnier is that in every pic since she born there is “naughty wicked” written all over her think you need arms like an octopus to cut her off at the pass..xx

    1. Haha! Last week the Playgroup leader said “you can join in with the group whenever you’re ready, Kenzi” don’t think she’ll ever be ready!!

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